Genuine Zik Analytics Review 2023: Is It Worth The Investment?

Nowadays, the competition on E-Commerce websites among sellers is very high, and to sustain and stay in the internet market, you need to know and adopt various strategies, rules, tools, and many factors.

As a seller, I have a great experience with the Zik Analytics tool and here, I have shared a detailed Zik Analytics Review based on my personal experience.

Zik Analytics Review

Hope my opinion will help you to understand if Zik Analytics is a good tool for your business.

Zik Analytics Pros & Cons

ZIK Analytics is a top e-commerce platform that helps eBay sellers find profitable items to sell and quickly move them to the top of search results pages with a variety of tools.

There are a lot of benefits to using Zik Analytics and some drawbacks too. Here I have listed the key pros and cons of it


  • It is quite simple to use.
  • You can find millions of trending products in a short period of time.
  • Learn about the most popular item categories and keywords.
  • 500 of the best-selling things on eBay.
  • Provide AliExpress Market Research.
  • Provide the most effective live chat support.
  • Accurately extract sales information.
  • I can readily identify things that sell, and the majority of the time, there is help available.
  • Help me develop a profitable eBay store with the most reliable research possible.
  • The Support is quite competent, and the results are obtained much more quickly than I anticipated.


  • The free trial has limited features.

Zik Analytics Review – An Overview

More than thousands of trusted sellers are using the Zik Analytics tool daily. It is a web-based leading e-commerce market research and analysis tool.

ZIK Analytics Website

Till now, it has helped more than thousands of online sellers to earn profits. It targets and finds profitable items to sell on online marketplaces.

You can use this tool for analyzing the market for many different digital e-commerce platforms. But, eBay is one of the most prominent e-commerce websites that has partnered with Zik Analytics for its sellers.

I’m an eBay seller and telling you, it can be a life-changing or life-saving tool. You can consider my Zik Analytics Review to make your decision because it is based on my long-time experience.

Why Should You Use The Zik Analytics Tool As A Seller?

Currently, every seller wants their product to list on the homepage or page 1 of E-bay or any other marketplace.

Without Zik Analytics, your chances to grow and reflect profit in the bank account are almost impossible.

It can help sellers like us by targeting different-different factors with its many in-built features.

It can analyze the internet market based on different-different factors that can boost your revenue as well as sell products. The feature uses many factors like best products, niches, and different categories to analyze the data.

Once you buy a Zik Analytics tool, they will provide you with training to become familiar with the in-built tools.

They host multiple training programs so that you can use this application completely.

The training team can explain the features with webinars, live, and documentation methods.

In case of any emergency or help, you can directly contact the support team. They offer amazing online support as well as help during business hours.

According to my experience, I had an issue with functions and features. I emailed the support team and they got me resolved and fixed the issues almost instantly.

Is Zik Analytics The Best eBay Market Research Tool?

ZIK Analytics offers a diverse set of tools which includes an eBay product research tool, as well as an AliExpress research tool, a supplier database, and other features.

You can view a list of items for sale on the site, with information such as the number of listings and total sales.

With Zik Analytics you’ll be able to see what the best-selling items are in every area and look at product statistics and sales trends which also helps you to see the top-ranking listings.

You may view your competitors’ sell-through rates, active listings, sales profits, average selling price, sold products, and much more – both for the entire market and for each product listing individually.

How Much Does Zik Analytics Cost You?

When you want to use the Zik Analytics Tool, you need to purchase its service.

According to my Zik Analytics Review, purchasing a subscription to this tool will help in your growth.

With various features added in the premium version can analyze the market demands and supply.

Zik Analytics Pricing

I bought the monthly subscription plan which cost me around $14.99 per month. It is available for you in monthly, 6-month, and yearly packages.

I would recommend you buy the yearly packages of Zik Analytics. Because yearly packages will cost a little cheaper compared to other packages. You can get up to 50% off on Zik Analytics all pricing plans.

Zik Analytics User’s Success Stories

Below is the screenshot of customers sharing their success stories using the Zik Analytics tool.

ZIK-Analytics Success Stories

How To Use The Zik Analytics Tool?

As per my experience, this market research and an analyzing tool are online and web-based software. This software needs to deploy on the cloud which makes it a Service (SaaS) tool.

You don’t need to install and maintain the application inside your mobile and system. You can easily access this via the internet for eBay or other e-commerce platforms.

Zik Analytics Advanced Features

When you need market research and analysis for your Agency and Enterprise organizations, you must use this application. And, with a subscription of packages available online you’ll experience many different features inbuilt in it.

Like you, I had doubts that am I wasting my money on it or not. All these issues and doubts were resolved as soon as I made up my mind to purchase the subscription.

The inbuilt features bewildered and amazed me. To help you with various useful features, I’m doing this authentic and detailed Zik Analytics Review.

These features focus on qualitative research to understand the market response. Let’s see the features in detail that you are going to experience.

  1. Find The Hot Products Easily
  2. Dominate The Market
  3. Rank Your Products Higher

1. Find The Hot Products Easily

To earn more and heavy profit, you need to get the enterprise sales data. This data is the list of those products that have huge potential to sell.

zik-analytics find products

And, to gain that data I opened my analyzing page. And, I searched with different filters to find exciting opportunities for making more money. Then, I saved the listed products or items and exported them to the software.

2. Dominate The Market

As per my experience, I went one step ahead of other sellers with this great tool. Using this tool, you can scan your competitor to get inspiration for new products and items.

Zik Analytics Search Product

Learn the strategies and see which product is in demand. You can easily dominate any E-commerce platform like eBay. I recommend you to search which product category is currently hot and in demand.

3. Rank Your Products Higher

Which seller doesn’t have the dream of listing its product on the homepage or first page? To gain popularity for items you need to look for the best keywords, sorted amount, and sales.

Zik Analytics rank higher on search results

After analyzing all the data you need to build the titles of your product and list them accordingly. Upon doing this you’ll experience ranking of products higher and sales will increase compared to earlier.

Other features are basic which you’ll come to know while using it. So, these are the major features to experience upon subscription to the package according to your investment.

Benefits Of ZIK Analytics :

1. It Is Possible To Locate Millions Of Popular Products In A Short Amount Of Time

Stock your eBay store with things that will bring in a profit! Collect data on the sales of every item on eBay and analyze it to determine which products have the most potential for sales.

Use the sales, comments, and price information as criteria to locate lucrative earning opportunities. Next, save the products that you located, and then import them into the software that you use to create listings.

2. You Are Able To View The Article Categories That Have The Highest Sales

Find out which product categories are currently trending.

You are better able to make educated selections when you have access to the sales potential of each category together with relevant data (such as total sales on eBay, the average price of a product, or Google sales trends).

3. You Have The Opportunity To Get Knowledge From Providers Who Now Dominate The Market

Maintain a step advantage over your rivals at all times. Perform a search across all of the suppliers that make use of the competitor research tool in order to get ideas for new products.

You won’t have to wait long to see what sells well and the tactics that successful sellers on eBay utilize to maintain their dominant position.

4. You Have A Higher Position In The Search Results Than Your Rivals

Make sure that your products appear on the first page of search results on eBay. Take a look at the most effective keywords for each eBay product, arranged according to a number of different rivals and sales indicators.

After that, you should make use of the information to generate titles for your listings that can be optimized to achieve a high ranking in the search result.

Top 3 Alternatives Of Zik Analytics

  1. Algopix
  2. CheckMarket
  3. Spark Chart

1. Algopix

Algopix is a powerful tool that will help you determine your Amazon business’s profitability. It will also help you identify and mitigate risks while increasing revenue.

Algopix Home Page

This tool also helps you find market opportunities, get product sourcing information, and estimate competitors’ performance.

Algopix helps merchants by automating the process of determining what to buy, where to sell, and at what price. It assists them in making good business decisions.

Algopix provides real-time product marketing research. Market insights are accessible from 14 worldwide marketplaces, and they can help you save time, reduce risk, and make sales easier.

2. CheckMarket 

CheckMarket is a survey platform that serves small, medium, and large enterprises, as well as government agencies. It has tools for creating surveys and managing distribution channels.

Check Market Home Page

You can create, modify, and conduct a survey in a variety of languages with the survey creation module. Respondent surveys can be customized depending on prior replies, gender, language, and other factors.

Users can gather replies by email, social media, Slack, text messages, telephones, or kiosks using the distribution module.

3. Spark Chart

Business consultants and executives can use Spark Chart’s survey software to develop and launch any sort of poll and collect feedback.

Spark chart Home page

The software has a lot of features including ready-made templates, sophisticated logic, extensive survey deployment and response tracking, process automation, various language support, and rich analytical report.

Conclusion: Zik Analytics Review 2023

I have been using this Zik Analytics tool for more than a year. Yet now, I couldn’t find any demerits or cons whether it is about services offered or price.

As the last thing in Zik Analytics Review, you may find little issue with the support team because they might revert or resolve your problem a little late.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cancel My ZIK Analytics Subscription?

To cancel your ZIK Analytics subscription, navigate to Zik settings> Management panel> Manage payments> Cancel.

What Is ZIK Analytics For?

ZIK Analytics is a market research platform that helps sellers identify profitable items to sell on eBay and other marketplaces, as well as how to rank their items on page 1.

What Is ZIK Pro?

You can get more items to sell on eBay with Pro ZIK, a Zikanalytic add-on.

Is Zik Analytics Free?

You can choose from any one of the plans for $1 and get a 7-day free trial with all the features.

Can I Access The ZIK Academy For Free?

Yes, The ZIK Academy, an online video course with over 25 films teaching members how to create their own eBay business, is available for free.

How Can I Find My Referral Link?

Simply go to Management Panel > Affiliate Manager. Under My referral URL, you’ll find your referral link. You’ll also find other Affiliate Program-related information there.

Why Is Zik Analytics The Best eBay Search Tool On The Market?

ZIK Analytics is a tool that helps sellers identify the best goods to offer on eBay and how to sell them quickly by ranking them higher in search results.