Best Thrivecart Alternatives 2023 | Which One Is Best?

Thrivecart Alternatives..

Thrivecart is a fantastic platform for e-commerce businesses to increase their client base, company growth, product sales, and overall revenue, even though there are other options.

Although it could be the best option for some business owners, no single platform is designed to meet the needs of all possible companies.

Therefore, we’re detailing a few of the best Thrivecart Alternatives. We’ve done the bulk of the legwork for you and will now explain why you might want to find an alternative to Thrivecart.

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So let’s get started.

5 Best ThriveCart Alternatives

Choosing the best channels to market and sell your wares can be a daunting task when running a virtual storefront.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Thrivecart or another e-commerce platform, you might find a lot of options. However, will you ever know if they’re the right for your company, or business without giving them a try?

This list should serve as a springboard for further investigation. We’ve compared and contrasted five popular ThriveCart alternatives in terms of price, functionality, and usefulness.

1. SamCart vs ThriveCart

SamCart is a well-known shopping cart solution that has been around since 2014.

SamCart Home Page

Agencies, physical product sellers, course creators, side hustlers, and nonprofits are just some of the many types of organizations that find success on the platform.

Though SamCart has nearly all the tools a web store could need to sell both digital and physical goods, it is on the pricier side and requires some practice before you can master it.

That’s why it’s best suited for very well-doing businesses with the resources to invest in a more sophisticated e-commerce platform.

Key Features:

  • Simple-to-use drag-and-drop sales page templates.
  • Ability to display products and services in multiple languages and currencies thanks to localization features.
  • Using a mobile payment service, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, makes it possible to buy things with a single tap.
  • Unique web addresses.
  • Tools for increasing sales, such as recommendations before you buy, upsells with just one click, split testing, and intelligent tracking pixels.
  • Functionality is essential to any commercial enterprise, including advanced subscriptions, partial refunds, payment gateways, payment processing, coupons, and discounts.
  • With a wide variety of pre-configured connections (and even more when you connect Zapier).
  • It’s risk-free for 7 day trial.

SamCart Pricing:

SamCart‘s 7-day trial is the closest thing to a free plan they offer. After that, they can choose between three premium packages:

  • Launch Plan: Starting at $59 per month.
  • Grow Plan: Amount to pay to expand: $119 per month.
  • Scale Plan: Costs start at $299 per month.

Users who commit to SamCart’s yearly plan in advance can save money.

Ideal For:

Businesses looking to advertise and sell their products digitally who have a sizable budget, are willing to put in some time and effort learning the ropes and require an efficient platform on which to do it.

2. Flodesk vs ThriveCart

Since its launch in 2019, Flodesk has emerged as one of the foremost prominent and rapidly expanding email marketing platforms available.

Flodesk Home Page

Famous for its beautiful designs, user-friendly platform, innovative edge, and low-cost flat-rate plans, Flodesk is dedicated to assisting e-commerce enterprises in strengthening their brand identities and reaching new heights of success.

Flodesk has released a new, high-demand checkout solution, which makes it much less difficult for small businesses and freelancers to make money online.

The sales & checkout pages provided by Flodesk Checkout are as aesthetically pleasing as the whole of Flodesk, and they make it a breeze to sell your wares online.

Key Features:

  • You may make money off of your content and online store using Flodesk Checkout.
  • A flexible email editor that can be used by anybody from novices to seasoned pros thanks to its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Constructing sign-up forms and landing pages is its speciality.
  • An extensive collection of beautifully designed, ready-to-use email, form & landing page templates created by experts.
  • Making money while you sleep by establishing efficient marketing automation and funnels.
  • Exceptional options for tailoring presented content.
  • Many built-in connections to popular platforms including Shopify, Slack, Instagram, and Typeform.
  • Plenty of learning tools, such as Flodesk University, the Flodesk Insiders Facebook community, and our blog.
  • Free for 30 days.

Flodesk Pricing:

You can join up for Flodesk’s free trial for 30 days without any commitment. Many paths exist after you decide to switch to a premium plan, and they vary according to the services you wish to get.

  • ESP Email Plan: The monthly cost of email service is $36.
  • ESP Checkout Plan: Payment Plan Available $38/month.
  • ESP Everything: Cost of maintenance: $64/month for everything.

No matter how many subscribers you add, emails you send, or transactions you process, your Flodesk plan’s monthly fee will remain the same.

If you enrol for an annual plan at once, you’ll save money compared to paying monthly.

Ideal For:

Designers, business owners, and startups who are looking for a simple, streamlined system to market and sell their wares or monetize their content online.

3. PayKickstart vs ThriveCart

Considering that it was first launched in 2009, PayKickstart has certainly progressed much since then.

PayKickStart Home Page

It has developed into a feature-rich, market-leading shopping cart solution, as well as its subscription and affiliate managing capabilities, are particularly well-known.

This platform is a bit pricy and may be challenging to obtain the hang of at first, but it’s a wonderful Thrivecart alternative for online businesses that are already producing a strong stable income and are seeking a wide range of powerful features.

Key Features:

  • Around 50 premade checkout layouts are available for quick modification.
  • Features for accepting payments such as credit card processing, digital wallets, wire transfers, and the ubiquitous PayPal.
  • Discount codes, quantity increases, upsells with a single click, abandoned cart restoration, and even “pay what you want” pricing structures can all be configured.
  • Features for handling subscriptions, such as recurring and one-time payments, freemium and premium tiers, and trial periods.
  • Dunning management, customer reminders, and cancellation savings are all examples of tools that can help you keep more of the money you earn.
  • Telephony and messaging with customers that are completely automated.
  • The capacity to create customer portals that require no intervention.
  • Tools for managing affiliates.
  • Comprehensive data analysis and reporting, with a focus on e-commerce marketing indicators.

PayKickstart Pricing:

You may try PayKickstart risk-free for 14 days. You can choose from three different priced plans:

  • Starter Plan: To get started, it’s only $99 each month.
  • Growth Plan: Expenses for expansion will be $199 per month.
  • Scale Plan: Start at $299 per month.

Note: Users can sign up for an annual plan instead of a monthly one, they receive two free months.

Ideal For:

Someone who is willing to invest more money into a shopping cart platform in order to gain advanced tools like revenue retention, subscription management, as well as affiliate management.

4. SendOwl vs ThriveCart

SendOwl promotes itself as a comprehensive platform for online creators to sell digital products such as software, ebooks, audiobooks, and even event tickets.

SendOwl Home Page

Ultimately, SendOwl’s rich feature set and user-friendly interface make it a top pick for every business owner looking to launch an e-commerce site.

It can be difficult to budget and predict costs because their pricing method is mostly focused on sales instead of monthly payments.

Key Features:

SendOwl’s many features include a wide array of options for using the app. The following are some of the most important for online merchants to consider while designing their checkout page:

  • Carts, in-site checkout that adapts to the user’s device, different currency and language support, connections to secure payment pages, and a variety of payment methods are all features that consumers have come to expect from online
  • Merchandise, memberships, subscriptions, and other forms of dripping material (both digital and physical)
  • There are several ways to save money when shopping online: promo codes, coupons, one-click upsells, pay-what-you-want pricing, abandoned carts, email marketing integrations, including product update emails
  • Individualized logos and form fields, a choice of three distinct checkout layouts, many button & email layout options, and an array of other customization options
  • Detailed insights on upsells, orders, abandoned carts, and income while using discount codes and complete products.

SendOwl Pricing:

SendOwl offers a free trial for 30 days. There are two further methods of payment available to them:

  • In addition to having no monthly fees, you can also have as many subscribers as you like. But there’s a 5% transaction fee for using SendOwl.
  • Expansion: $19/mo. for infinite subs, 100 orders/mo. typical use, and 10GB of storage (over-usage charges apply). SendOwl takes no cut of revenue, but there is a 1% membership fee (minimum $0.25) on all recurring payments.

Ideal For:

Those in search of a revenue share-based online sales platform.

5. WooCommerce vs ThriveCart

WooCommerce has been a transparent e-commerce platform since its launch in 2008.

WooCommerce Home Page

Because it’s a plugin for WordPress, it’s used by merchants all around the world who also use WordPress to market their wares online.

Although it takes some technical expertise to configure WordPress navigation, WooCommerce is a low-cost option for creating a professional online store for your company.

Key Features:

  • You have the option of starting from scratch when creating your online shop or using one of the many available Block Theme templates.
  • Checkout and shopping cart buttons.
  • Awards, Coupons, points, and gifts are all features that can be used to boost sales and encourage repeat business.
  • You can handle all of your payment processing, keep tabs on your sales, and take payments from customers in 18 different countries and 135 different currencies with WooCommerce’s payment gateway.
  • Ability to personalize your consumers’ purchasing experience to their liking without needing to know any code.
  • Google Product Listings, Facebook Advertising, and other online marketplaces are all great ways to promote your online shop.
  • Integration with WooCommerce Shipping, should you choose to use it.
  • Using the WooCommerce mobile app, you can manage your store from your phone.

WooCommerce Pricing:

WooCommerce has a distinct pricing structure from the other Thrivecart options we’ve compiled. Good news: much like WooCommerce, WordPress is available for no cost and without restrictions.

Therefore, some expenses involved in adopting WooCommerce as a shopping cart solution:

  • WooCommerce Payments has a 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee for processing payments made in the US. International credit cards incur a 1% surcharge.
  • In other cases, like customer communication or SEO, you may still need to subscribe to third-party products.
  • There are many paid and free add-ons and templates for WooCommerce that can improve your store’s functionality and the shopping experience for your customers.

Ideal For:

Those who already have a WordPress site and are looking for a simple solution to begin accepting online payments for their wares.

Why Choose An Alternative To Thrivecart?

In spite of the fact that Thrivecart is an excellent choice for a shopping cart, you may be considering other options.

The first issue is that compared to other options, some customers feel Thrivecart’s web page building is lacking.

Thrivecart could be a less ideal alternative, for instance, if you need sophisticated options for animations.

Furthermore, when setting up numerous sales funnels with various fulfilment choices, some Thrivecart clients have discovered the platform to be inflexible.

It’s not impossible, but you may need to experiment or contact their support staff for help.

Furthermore, and maybe most importantly for startups and SMEs with limited funds, Thrivecart has a very unorthodox price structure.

Thrivecart’s “lifetime” plan costs $495 one-time, rather than the usual $9.95 monthly.

This is a hefty investment unless you’re already familiar with Thrivecart, but it could be worth it if you plan to use the software for the foreseeable future.

The annual fee for Flodesk Checkout is $456, but you can cancel at any time or choose to pay monthly.

Thrivecart’s Key Features

ThriveCart Features And Benefits
  • Tools for controlling subscriptions.
  • Testing with two variants (A/B).
  • On-site, inline, and floating shopping carts.
  • You can get as many carts as you want.
  • Managing sales taxes is made easy.
  • Business intelligence backed by in-depth analytics and projections.
  • Guaranteed to “pay for itself” within 30 days.
  • With smart behaviour rules, you may set your firm on autopilot.
  • Integrates smoothly with popular platforms including Drip, Hubspot, and MailChimp.
  • A user-friendly modifying environment that relies on dropping and dragging.
  • Checkout forms, marketing funnels, affiliate programs, and digital instructional materials can all be made.
  • Profit-boosting strategies such as upsells that may be purchased with a single click, bonus offers, free trials, and paid memberships.

Thrivecart Pricing Plan

ThriveCart Pricing Plans

Thrivecart’s “lifetime” account is available for a single-time payment of $495 rather than a recurring monthly fee.

Because of the high initial cost, not everyone can afford this pricing structure. But, you can get unrestricted use of the service for 30 days and it also comes with a money-back guarantee.

You can also Read our comprehensive review of Thrivecart Pricing to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each pricing tier in detail.

Conclusion On Thrivecart Alternatives

Ultimately, how to offer items and services is one of the most crucial considerations that internet enterprises must make.

A good checkout page or e-commerce platform makes this possible, but there are other choices available as well that are better suited to different businesses at different stages of development.

While Thrivecart’s many useful features and ability to assist business owners in creating alluring checkout pages are undeniable, the system’s expensive initial cost may discourage startups and small businesses from using it.

There are undoubtedly more cutting-edge, user-friendly rivals out there, and they, too, could need to enhance their UI and UX.

Use Flodesk if you own an online store and are in need of an easy-to-use solution for creating beautiful, functional checkout pages, sending professional email campaigns, and monetizing your content.

Try it risk-free for 30 days by signing up for our no-obligation trial.

As for this Thrivecart alternative, that’s it. I really hope this review was informative for you. Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions about this review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ThriveCart better than SamCart?

Compared to its competitors, Thrivecart has more useful third-party connections, like support for Google Pay and Apple Pay. Also, Thrivecart is the most cost-effective option because you only have to pay $495 once for a lifetime subscription. However, Samcart offers superior layouts and customisation, making it more user-friendly for newcomers.

Is ThriveCart easy to use?

Just what is it about ThriveCart that you find most appealing? Very little time is needed to get it up and running. It’s easy to implement, and it offers first-rate choices for reporting, payment, and layout. As it is incredibly easy to pick up and use, you can jump straight in.

Is thrive CART good?

If you’re trying to sell digital goods online, ThriveCart is the way to go. ThriveCart offers a number of features, such as order bumps, upsells, and down sells, to help you boost revenue. There is also no need to invest in extra software, as it already comes equipped with a robust affiliate scheme.

Does ThriveCart have fees?

Presently, ThriveCart is offering a lifetime licence for a one-time purchase of $495. They also offer a Pro Account, which includes more features, priced at a one-time fee of $690.

Can you build a course in ThriveCart?

Thrivecart has a folder structure, so you can make a new project and its associated courses under the project tab. A new course can be made by selecting the “make course” button at the upper right.

Is Thrive cart free?

ThriveCart has you covered with the flexibility to provide free trials for one-time payments and paid trials with recurring subscriptions. At the conclusion of this piece, we’ll discuss how to arrange a paid trial for a product that requires only a single payment. It’s the greatest degree of adaptability possible.

Can you create invoices with ThriveCart?

With ThriveCart, you can quickly customise your invoice branding on a product-by-product basis. Get our comprehensive help centre article on tailoring your customers’ invoices by selecting the box to do so in your product settings under the Product > Price tab.