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Teachable Review with 10% Off Coupon Code 2022 - Maruti Patola

Teachable Review with 10% Off Coupon Code 2022

Looking for a Teachable Coupon Code? You have landed at the right place.

Learning how to make a course can be a time-consuming and perplexing task. There are so many platforms and technologies available that figuring out what you need can take weeks. Teachable’s online course platform can assist you in creating and selling online courses.

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Pros and Cons Of Teachable


  • Pricing that is both reasonable and flexible
    Features that boost sales and marketing
  • Effortless setup with no updates or maintenance costs
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • Course delivery by professionals
  • Provides unique learning opportunity
  • Website personalization that is both simple and powerful
  • Delivers a world-class educational experience


  • Provides just a restricted number of site themes.
  • The advanced quiz feature isn’t supported.

What Is Teachable?

Teachable is a hosted online course platform that lets you create a course website, host your online courses, sell and advertise your course, provide material, and interact with your audience.

Teachable is one of the most popular online course builders, powering over 20,000-course websites and assisting educators all over the world. It’s a user-friendly platform that may assist you in starting and operating a profitable online course company.

Simply use their powerful and simple all-in-one platform to construct your own online course. There are more than 7 million students learning on the Teachable platform, 34 thousand active courses, 22 thousand teachers online, and the instructors earn more than $100 million.

Teachable offers a world-class learning experience, allowing you to focus on developing your course using their user-friendly interface while Teachable handles the heavy lifting.

The best part is that you’ll have a fully functional site with a learning management system, payment gateways, and other marketing tools in only a few clicks.

Who Should Use Teachable?

In general, their platform is quite easy and trustworthy. Because the interface is straightforward, your students will have no trouble accessing and browsing your courses.

Video-driven content, in my opinion, is its strength. They also stand out when it comes to basic elements that help with course sales, such as tailored sales, checkout, and thank you sites. Teachable is also one of the most well-known names in the industry.

This is an important point to underline, given the large number of companies that have rushed in to offer online course systems.

The platform was built with the intention of removing technological impediments so you can focus on course design and promotion.

Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable Plans Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
Basic $39/mo $29/mo
Professional $119/mo $99/mo
Business $299/mo $249/mo


Basic, Pro, and Business are the three plans available.

Every Teachable Plan comes with its own set of features and prospects for growing your online course selling business.

So, let’s take a closer look at Teachable Pricing plans, comparing all of their features and determining which one is best for you.

Teachable_ Pricing plansBasic Plan

Teachable’s basic subscription is $29 per month when paid annually and is the most affordable option for building your own LMS or enrolling in any course or video to learn.

Not only that, but it also provides you with unrestricted access to everything you want to learn (students, courses, video, and hosting). This is one of the aspects of Teachable that appeals to me.

Pro Plan

Teachable’s pro membership costs $99 per month when paid annually, and based on the features available, this plan offers the best value.

You can also use the Teachable promo code to get an additional 10% discount on your premium plan

This package includes all of the features of the basic plan plus a certificate for course completion and course compliance for your students.

Quizzes are available as part of the Professional package and can be used to spice up your courses. The ability to give quizzes and completion certificates may be of significant value depending on the business in which you sell online courses.

There’s also advanced reporting on your students, courses, and video.

Business Plan

This Teachable subscription, which costs $249 per month and is payable annually, focuses on the seamless operation of your online LMS school.

The school can function more efficiently with the comprehensive features that include all of the benefits of the BASIC and PRO plans, as well as rapid payout and no transaction charge, and 20 admin-level users.

You must have completed your course and have a method for generating traffic that leads to revenue in order to use this. If you already have everything in place, the Professional package is the best choice.

How To Create Teachable Coupon Code: Overview

Coupons allow you to sell your products at a lower price. These can be used across your entire school or for a single product.

There are three levels of multiple-use coupons available at your school. These vouchers can be utilized for large-scale discounts or promotional events (i.e. holidays). All product coupons, product type coupons, and price plan-specific coupons are examples of multiple-use coupons.

Multiple-use Teachable coupons

A predetermined number of users who have access to the discount code can use multiple-use coupons. For example, if you create a 500-user multiple-use coupon for all products with the code “HALFOFF,” the first 500 people who use it will get 50% off their purchase.

Multiple-use coupons can be created in two places: your Site > Coupons area or within a specific product in your school. For all items, product kinds (such as courses, coaching, or bundle packages), and price plan-specific products, multiple-use coupons can be made.

Follow the steps below to create multi-use Teachable Coupons.

  1. Within Site > Coupons, toggle to the School Coupons view.
  2. Click the Add New Coupon button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Choose the Multiple Use coupon option and click Next.
  4. A modal will appear with the options to make a coupon that will apply to All Products in your school, or a specific product type. Choose All Products.
  5. Complete the remaining actions in the modal.
  6. Once completed, click Save.

Single-use Teachable coupons

Single-use coupons are one-time-use vouchers that are created at random and can only be used once. For example, if you wanted to give an existing student a voucher for one of your other courses, you might create a single-use coupon for that course.

These coupons are saved to your computer in the form of a CSV report.

Single use teachable couponFollow the steps to create single use Teachable coupon code.

  1. Within Site > Coupons, toggle to the School Coupons view.
  2. Click the Add New Coupon button.
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Choose the Bulk Single Use coupon option and click Next.
  4. A modal will appear with the options to make a coupon that will apply to All Products in your school, or a specific product type. Fill in the following info.
  5. Once completed, click Generate CSV.