Publisher Rocket Review 2023: Is It The Best Research Tool for KDP Publishers? [Get Lifetime Access for $97]

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How do you increase book sales? This is the most common question I hear from authors in our community. It would be nice to be able to get your book into the hands of readers after you’ve done the hard work of writing a book and even getting it published.

However, anyone who has published a book knows that selling books is not easy.

This is where Publisher Rocket, a powerful piece of book marketing software, comes into play. It takes care of the marketing for you.

Publisher Rocket is a great tool for creating ads and uploading books.

Best of all, Publisher Rocket allows us to stay up to date on Amazon’s latest changes, ensuring that we always provide accurate data!

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Publisher rocket testimonial

Publisher Rocket Coupon 2023: Do They Offer Any?

I understand you are looking for a publisher rocket coupon or KDP Rocket coupon code, but it does not currently provide any discount coupons or coupon codes.

There are several websites that promise to give Publisher rocket Discount codes and help in great savings on your purchase, however, the fact is that it does not provide any coupons.

But, you can grab their Publisher rocket lifetime deal at just $97. It will help you get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers so you can spend less time marketing and more time writing.

Is Publisher Rocket For You?

Here is a quick answer:

Imagine you’re a new author, and you’ve just completed your manuscript. You’re excited to publish your book, but you’re not sure how to market it effectively. That’s where Publisher Rocket comes in.

With its powerful features, you can conduct research to optimize your book’s visibility and increase sales. You can easily identify the right keywords and categories to target, and get insights into your competition in your niche.

As a new author, you may not have extensive experience in book marketing, making Publisher Rocket a valuable tool to help you get started.

On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned author who has published several books and has a team of professionals to handle your book marketing and publishing needs, you may find that Publisher Rocket is not as necessary for you.

However, even experienced authors can benefit from using Publisher Rocket to streamline their research and potentially uncover new strategies to improve their book’s performance.

In conclusion, whether Publisher Rocket is worth it or not depends on your individual needs and circumstances as an author.

As a new author, it can be a valuable tool to help you optimize your book’s visibility and increase sales, while experienced authors may find it helpful to streamline their research and stay up-to-date on the latest book marketing trends.

Publisher Rocket Review (Previously KDP Rocket): Is It any good?

Publisher Rocket, formerly known as KDP Rocket, is the latest version is 2.0 and the software’s new name moving forward.

Publisher Rocket Home Page

It is a tool that can assist you in gaining a better understanding of how customers use Amazon and select books to buy. It may be used on both PCs and Macs.

Publisher Rocket is mostly a search engine. It might help you figure out what your readers desire and how to connect with them through your books. Here are some of the features you’ll find in Publisher Rocket:

  • What are the terms that Amazon customers are looking for?
  • The psychology behind why people buy books
  • How much money do readers spend on specific topics and niches?
  • How much money does each book make every month?

With this information, you can reverse engineer titles, subtitles, descriptions, and even whole books, and be certain that they will sell well on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Do any “Top Authors” use Publisher Rocket to write their books?

It’s not a secret that the publishing world has changed a lot in the last few years. There are more than just little guys who want to be part of this.

Besides us small business owners, a lot of people want to spend money on Publisher Rocket, too. The number of big names that are on Publisher Rocket might surprise you.

Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today, best-selling author and author. She is also the founder of, which is a website for people who like to write.

Kevin J. Anderson is a best-selling author who has won many awards.

Pat Flynn is the creator of, a well-known blog, and podcast that people read and listen to.

Jeff Goins, a best-selling author on USA Today, can be found at, where he also has a blog.’s Derek Murphy is a rock star in the indie-pub world.

KDP Rocket And Publisher Rocket Upgrades Throughout The Years

Dave promises every Publisher Rocket owner that his team is always trying to develop Rocket in order to make it better over time. To demonstrate this, consider the following chronology, which shows how many things Rocket owners have profited from as a result of our free upgrades and new features:

KDP Rocket was introduced in July 2016 with simply the Keyword Feature and the Competition Feature.

December 2016: System overhaul to improve speed and accuracy.

June 2017: Added the AMS Keyword Feature to assist writers in creating successful and efficient Amazon book advertisements.

November 2017: Added the ability to Unleash the Categories to the Competition Feature.

March 2018: Added the Category Feature to assist authors in quickly locating the most popular categories.

May 2019: Version 2.0 Publisher Rocket was released with Book Data, a new interface, better performance, and other enhancements.

July 2019: Numerous enhancements to 2.0, as well as new features to the category function, with more to follow.

August 2021: Additional enhancements to the keyword and category functionality will be made in August 2021.

As you can see, we’ve been working hard to improve and add new features.

Who Is Dave Chesson?

Dave Chesson and his team created Publisher Rocket, software that automates the process.

Publisher Rocket is an online tool that helps you sell more books by saving time researching data and making your author career easier.

He’s also the brain behind, a website that teaches authors how to advertise their books.

Kindlepreneur is a book marketing site that has been recommended by Amazon KDP as a location to learn how to promote your publications.

Publisher Rocket was recognized as one of the top book marketing tools in the world by Market Watch in 2021.

Publisher Rocket Review: What’s New With Version 2.0

Here is what the new Publisher Rocket version includes:

New Design and Layout

publisher rocket features

As you can see from some of the new features, they have not only totally revamped Publisher Rocket but also strengthen the programming. There is an addition of more features that make this a genuinely powerful software for writers wanting to sell books.

Publisher Rocket’s Repertoire Now Has book data

When Rocket originally launched, it was intended just for Kindle information (hence the original name of KDP Rocket).

However, given the importance of book data, we needed to make sure that rocket could not only analyze physical book sales properly but also did it in a way that allowed customers to choose whether they wanted to see book or ebook data.

On January 7th, Amazon announced significant improvements to its Book Advertising system, allowing writers to target particular books with the ASIN number.

You may also target Categories that you’re already a part of.

Publisher rocket AMS features

As a result of these two developments, we needed to update our AMS function.

When you conduct a search, Rocket will automatically display the ASIN number of any book, as well as any books Amazon considers to be related to that book.

Publisher Rocket Listed All 16,000+ Book and Ebook Categories

Rocket currently has every book and ebook genre. All you have to do now is select some filters to tell Rocket whether you want to see ebook or book categories, as well as fiction or nonfiction categories.

Publisher rocket category volume

You’ll see everything you need to know, including every relevant category, the number of books you’d need to sell to be #1 and #25, and more. This should assist authors in quickly determining the appropriate categories for their work.

Publisher Rocket has four key features to assist you in reverse engineering your book’s sales copy:

  1. Keyword Research Feature
  2. Competition Analysis Feature
  3. Category Search Feature
  4. AMS Keyword Search Feature

I’ll go through each feature and how it can benefit you in a few sentences.

I know you have some questions like Are there any Publisher Rocket Coupon codes? KDP promo codes, How much does it cost? How do you use a rocket publisher? How do you download the rocket publisher? Which is better Kdspy or publisher Rocket? And much more…

Currently, Publisher Rocket Coupon 2023 is not available on the internet. Websites that purport to provide such coupons or KDP rocket discounts are fraudulent.

We contacted their team, who verified that there are no active KDP Rocket Coupons or Publisher Rocket discounts at this time.

We will notify you first if any new discounts or coupon codes become available.

How To Install Publisher Rocket Easily On Your Windows or Mac?

Publisher Rocket is software that can be downloaded and used on both PCs and Macs.

It can be used on both. For Mac OS X 10.9 and above, Rocket works. For Mac OS X 10.6 and above, it doesn’t work.

As soon as you purchase the lifetime plan for publisher rocket, you’ll receive an email with a download link and License Key.

Publisher Rocket Download Page

Enter the 16-digit license key you received in the mail after installing the file and click on Activate.

Publisher license key discount coupon

Publisher Rocket Features: How They Can Assist You in Selling More Books?

Let’s look at Publisher Rocket’s four search tools, the kind of data they give, and how you can utilize that data to increase your book sales.

  1. Keyword Research Feature
  2. Category Search Feature
  3. Competition Analysis Feature
  4. AMS Keyword Search Feature

1. Keyword Research Feature

Authors may use Publisher Rocket to find the most profitable keywords for their book which is a great book publishing tool.

This function has only one purpose: to allow you to specify your Amazon keywords.

When you publish your book on Amazon, you have the option of selecting up to seven keywords to describe it.

Publisher rocket keyword search features

It’s difficult to choose these keywords, so most individuals just type anything that comes to mind so they can get on with publishing.

This is a major error, because these seven keywords may make or break the success of your book.

You’re basically guessing without any data on which keywords will really assist your book. This is why Publisher Rocket’s ability to assist you in determining the most effective keywords is so beneficial.

Here’s how to utilize it to come up with the ideal keywords for your book:

  1. Enter your keyword suggestions here: Begin by entering your book’s theme, genre, subgenre, book concept, or any other descriptive term into Rocket’s Keyword Search tool.
  2. Obtain the information: Publisher Rocket will generate a list of suitable keywords as well as a wealth of other information. You’ll discover five things for each term: the number of other books that use that keyword, monthly earnings for that keyword, monthly Google searches, monthly Amazon searches, and how difficult it will be for your book to compete for that phrase.
  3. Select the most appropriate keywords for your book: Find the “sweet spot” that balances all of the data to find your top keywords. A term with a large search volume, a low competition score, and a fair earning potential is ideal.

That can be tough to come by, depending on your field of writing. But, at the very least, you’ll know what you’re up against thanks to Rocket’s knowledge.

You may utilize the keywords in your subtitle and book description to help sell your books once you’ve discovered some excellent ones.

Keep in mind that the information you obtain is accurate, but it is also susceptible to change as individuals seek out new types of books over time.

You may need to alter your keywords on a regular basis depending on what people are looking for.

The good thing is that you can keep track of your keywords using Publisher Rocket and make intelligent judgments on when to select new ones.

2. Category Search Feature

Amazon employs a variety of tools to get your book in front of readers, including keywords.

The categories you choose for your book will influence where it appears on Amazon’s website and which people will be suggesting it.

The genres and subgenres under which you may post your book on Amazon are known as categories, and it’s critical to categorize your book correctly.

publisher rocket dashboard

You may browse a complete database of Amazon categories and subcategories to discover the one that’s ideal for you.

Once you’ve identified a potential category, you may look into it further for more information.

Here’s how Publisher Rocket turns categories into a lot of fun. If you want your book to be a top seller, it must be number one in the category you choose.

But how many books do you have to sell in order to be number one? What if you had the option of selecting a smaller, less competitive category in which to rank first?

Publisher Rocket has all of this information. Publisher Rocket will even tell you how many books you need to sell to be number one in that category.

When you reach the top of a category, you’ll get an orange bestselling ribbon from Amazon, which will help you sell even more books.

I was able to obtain one book I published a #1 bestseller tag by its title for months on end without modifying its marketing in any way because I figured out the categories.

That would not have been possible without Publisher Rocket.

It all starts with determining which categories are most appropriate for your book.

3. Competition Analysis Feature

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see how much money comparable books like yours make? 

Publisher Rocket Review Competitor Analysis

What’s the best way to find out? This is what the Competition Analyzer from Publisher Rocket will show you.

When you type in your topic, Rocket will give you a list of the top 10 books that are comparable to yours.

Rocket analyses your rivals using the following data:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Age of book (in days)
  • The ABSR
  • Whether or not there is a keyword in the title
  • Keyword in subtitle
  • Estimated daily sales
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • The link to each book’s sales page

This information will assist you in determining how your book compares to others in its genre.

This is my favorite feature of Publisher Rocket since it allows me to see how the books I enjoy (or despise!) are performing in the industry, and once you have a better knowledge of the market’s readers, you can better figure out how your books may fit in.

Note: It should be noted that they never provide any type of publisher rocket discount or coupon code.

4. AMS Keyword Search Feature

AMS advertisements, Amazon’s native advertising technology, may be quite effective.

The method of selecting keywords for your AMS advertising is identical to that of selecting regular Amazon keywords.

However, there are additional factors that go into creating a successful AMS term, and Publisher Rocket’s AMS Keyword Search tool may assist you with this.

You’ll use the AMS Keyword Tool to search for your book’s topic, genre, subgenre, book concept, or any other term connected to your book, just like you would with the Keyword Search Tool.

You may also look for phrases that your audience could use, such as “Books like Rich And Poor” or “Ayn Rand-like writers.”

You’ll then obtain data on more than normal keywords using Publisher Rocket’s AMS keyword search. Author names, book titles, and ASINs of similar books are also included.

KDP Rocket review: How It Outperforms the Competition?

Let’s see how KDP Rocket outperforms its competitors:

  1. KDP Rocket Comes With Lifetime Free Updates
  2. Updated Statistics
  3. Trustworthy & Fast Customer Support
  4. Publisher Rocket price You Can’t Ignore
  5. Very Easy To Use

1. KDP Rocket Comes With Lifetime Free Updates

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say things like, “I just got this new program two weeks ago, and they immediately want more money for the new version!”

Yes, it’s annoying to have to keep paying for something you’ve already paid for. However, with Publisher Rocket, consumers just have to pay once. It’ll only happen once.

That’s correct. So if you bought KDP Rocket three years ago for $69, you haven’t paid anything more for the enhancements that have been made since then. It’s a one-time payment.

What is the frequency of Publisher Rocket upgrades? Every two months, if not sooner, a new edition is released.

Every day, Dave Chesson and his team are out in the publishing field, watching market developments and incorporating these changes into the Publisher Rocket software for a fantastic user experience.

2. Updated Statistics

It’s critical as a writer to keep focused on what you do best: creating a book. Allow someone else to do market research and keep you informed of changes in market data, analytics, and updates as they occur.

Publisher Rocket keeps a close eye on the market and keeps you up to speed on the latest information. PR keeps you updated so you don’t have to venture into uncharted territory.

You’ll have the feeling that someone has your back and is completely trustworthy, which safeguards your author’s business.

3. Trustworthy & Fast Customer Support

Are you having technical difficulties with Rocket or have a question about something? Send a message to the support team at

The reaction time is usually lightning-fast. They answered within three hours in a couple of cases.

This is especially important if you’re in the thick of a book launch or planning one and need assistance straight soon.

Nothing is more frustrating than sending a ticket and having to wait days for a response.

This isn’t the situation here. In reality, you may look at the Publisher Rocket user testimonials, which Dave and his team uncovered spontaneously rather than being solicited.

4. Publisher Rocket price You Can’t Ignore

The price is $97.00. This is a one-time charge that you will never have to pay again. You’ve got to admire it.

Publisher rocket review pricing plans

What do You get With Publisher Rocket Lifetime Deal?

  • Complete Access to Rocket
  • All future updates included
  • Research profitable keywords
  • Discover bestselling categories
  • Generate thousands of AMS keywords in seconds
  • Phenomenal support 
  • Publisher Rocket Discount Coupon– N/A

5. Very Easy To Use

Every week, I work with hundreds of authors.

Dealing with technical difficulties such as keywords, categories, and the fundamentals of comprehending algorithm data is one of the most difficult challenges.

However, the Publisher Rocket program is designed in such a way that you don’t need to be a tech whiz to utilize it.

The technical part of marketing is made so much easier with easy-to-follow instructions and everything detailed on the page.

To identify the ideal keywords for your book, you don’t need to be an expert in keyword research.

The Rocket does the legwork for you by looking for the items you specify. The data is spewed out, and you opt to utilize it in your book.

How Publisher Rocket Helped Me? (My Personal Experience)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has trouble coming up with names, subtitles, and descriptions for my novels.

How can you condense a complete book into a few words, a single phrase, or a brief summary? This seems quite difficult, right? 

After releasing many eBooks, I’ve discovered that your book title, subtitle, and description aren’t designed to convey the substance of your book.

With Publisher Rocket I was able to identify the correct terms using Publisher Rocket to ensure that my book found the proper audience. I’ve used it to persuade oltto publish my works.

It helped me turn one of my books into a #1 Amazon bestseller in its category.

There are several things Rocket can do to assist writers with promoting their books or ebook. However, these are the four most significant ones, as rated by users:

  • It helps in the discovery of your book by more Amazon customers
  • Find the ideal categories for your book to assist you to reach bestseller status as quickly as possible
  • Shows you what other authors are doing, how much money they make, and other information
  • Saves you time and resources by creating effective and efficient Amazon Book advertising for you

Publisher Rocket has done more for me in less than 90 days than I could have done on my own.

I could not have done it without them. I made $948.28, or a 321 % return on my initial investment.

Publisher rocket earnings details

1. Helps In The Discovery Of Your Book By More Amazon Customers

One of the most common ways for Amazon customers to locate their next book is to type phrases or words that explain what they are looking for in the Amazon search box.

Amazon picks which books to display to those customers based on this information.

You must choose Amazon Keywords for your book in order for it to be noticed by your target audience.

However, not just any keywords will suffice. In order for your book to gain from them and sell, you need keywords that:

  • When looking for a book, people really type into Amazon
  • People do end up purchasing the books that appear for it
  • Aren’t you too competitive that you don’t show up for them

Most authors, you see, just make up keywords based on what they believe would suit.

However, if those ‘guesses’ do not properly match any of the three criteria listed above, your book will not be discovered by those eager book purchasers.

So, how can authors discover keywords that people put in, and generate revenue, yet aren’t very competitive?

Publisher Rocket excels in this area.

Simply enter a phrase into Rocket and it will not only identify additional phrases that consumers have used, but it will also show you:

publisher rocket keyword
  • How many people type in that term — this is massive
  • How much money do books make when they rank for that term?
  • How competitive that word is on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being easy and 100 being difficult

There was no more speculation, no more wondering, and no more wishing.

This reveals the information you require to make the best decisions and bring your book in front of more book buyers.

2. Reveals what other authors are up to and how much money they make

Wouldn’t it be great to see how other books are performing on Amazon and what works for them?

Even better, wouldn’t it be useful to know who your book will compete with on Amazon?

publisher rocket review competition

You can, however, do so immediately. Using Publisher Rocket’s Competition Analyzer, you may learn about other publications and how well they are performing.

As you can see, having this information may help you make better judgments about which niches to target and what is trending in the market.

It may also assist you in determining which books are performing well and analyzing what is working for them so that you can either mimic or improve on those aspects.

3. Creates Amazon Book Ads that are both effective and efficient.

Amazon Ads are a fantastic method to promote your book in front of potential readers.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do them; I’ve got you covered. Here’s a link to a completely free video training on how to make successful and efficient Amazon ads.


The issue with Amazon Ads, on the other hand, is that:

  • To gain traction, you’ll need a large number of keywords
  • You must continue to monitor, update, and add to your campaigns
  • As a result, we built the AMS Keyword Feature to help authors save time by reducing the amount of time they spend searching, copying, pasting, and researching

Simply fill in a brief description of your book, and Rocket will go to work locating hundreds of relevant keywords as well as their ASIN numbers (a new feature that works nicely with Amazon’s new ad system)

The Best Publisher Rocket Alternatives

Publisher Rocket vs Book Bolt

Wondering which Amazon book software is better, Book Bolt vs Publisher Rocket?

Book Bolt Home Page

They both offer keyword tools for users, which help locate high search volume, and low competition profitable keywords to go after when listing books for sale.

Keyword research can help you locate hidden niches and use the right words in your product listing title and description.

The two software tools vary in many areas:

  • Interface
  • Sales and competition analyzer
  • Design tools

They’ll both save you time and help you improve your product listings, among other things, but you’ll notice that Book Bolt caters to the low-content publishing sector, whereas Publisher Rocket does not.

Final Thoughts: Is Publisher Rocket Worth It?

Yes, It’s totally worth the money.

It’s one thing to have your book published on Amazon. It’s another thing entirely to strategically place your book so that people can find it and increase your sales.

For my own books, I’ve found Publisher Rocket to be an amazing tool, providing me with the data I needed to double or even treble my sales and produce bestselling titles.

I recommend buying Publisher Rocket to help you make the most of Amazon if you’re serious about creating and releasing outstanding books. With only a few searches, it has the potential to completely change your book promotion.

It’s also fascinating and simple to search for books and writers you like on Amazon and see how they’re actually performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Publisher (KDP) rocket worth it?

Publisher rocket is well worth the money if you want to sell more books on Amazon’s KDP self-publishing program.

Is Publisher Rocket Coupon Code 2023 Available?

Publisher Rocket does not currently offer any discounts or promo codes. You may have seen many websites that claim to provide hefty publisher rocket coupon codes, however, the truth is that publisher rocket does not have any coupons or promo codes.

Is there a free version of Publisher rocket?

The best free Publisher Rocket Alternative is certainly Amazon, but you could also try Sonar. The free edition of Sonar comes with a plethora of keyword recommendations. You will also be given a list of books that are connected to your keyword search. It is worth a go if you are seeking a free Publisher Rocket alternative.

Why doesn’t my license key work?

There are two possible explanations for this. The first issue is that you’re utilizing an out-of-date license key. They just upgraded our licensing system and provided all users with fresh new license keys. (Hint: the new license keys do not begin with LE.) The second option is that you did not accurately enter the key since there are a few hard characters. They’re taking a look at your uppercase I and lowercase L. Please try copying and pasting the license key into Rocket using your keyboard shortcuts.

Does Publisher Rocket work for international markets?

Publisher Rocket now analyses the US market (, the UK market (, and the German ebook market ( Any future overseas markets will be included in free upgrades for Publisher Rocket owners.

Why is Publisher Rocket returning “N/A” results in the Keyword feature?

If your computer’s clock is not in sync with an internet time server, Amazon may reject your data pull owing to an erroneous time stamp. Please follow the procedures by clicking on the relevant link below, and make sure that the “Synchronize with an internet time server” box is ticked throughout the process.

Where does Publisher rocket get its data?

Currently, Publisher Rocket only gives data for the US market (, but they will be adding international markets in the near future, which will be shown in the upper right corner of the software.

How does KDP spy work?

With KDP Spy, you can rapidly identify categories that are in high demand and determine how much income these goods generate. This will allow you to take over the market with your own distinctive designs on your low/no content books.

What is a KDP wizard?

KDP Wizard is a Chrome Extension that allows writers and producers to backup, organize, and manage their entire KDP bookshelf in their own private and secure Airtable database.

Is Book Bolt A Nearest Alternatives To Publisher Rocket?

Yes, Book Bolt is one alternative, but click here if you are looking for more Publisher Rocket alternatives