Podbean vs Buzzsprout 2023 | Which Is Better?

Podbean vs Buzzsprout.

The discussion of whether Podbean vs Buzzsprout is the superior podcast hosting service never ends. Both Podbean and Buzzsprout are top-tier podcast hosting services with a wide range of useful features.

We spent some time collecting feedback from professional users and then compared the two hosting services based on all the important criteria.

This comparison will indeed be entirely unbiased, so you can see the similarities and differences between Podbean and Buzzsprout.

Therefore, let’s dive in and find out which podcast host truly stands above the rest.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Key Differences

The main distinctions between Podbean and Buzzsprout are outlined below:

  • Podbean gives a free trial period of thirty days with a huge Discount of up to 35%.
  • Buzzsprout provides a free trial period of ninety days.
  • The mobile app by Podbean is great for both listening to and creating your own podcasts on the go. But, there is no Buzzsprout app available.
  • Buzzsprout lacks compatibility with Alexa, therefore your audience size will not grow as quickly, while Podbean will expand your audience because it can be used with all Alexa devices.
  • Unlike Buzzsprout, Podbean does not require an external live-streaming service in order to broadcast your podcast.
  • Buzzsprout’s plans all come with limitless storage space, while Podbean’s don’t.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Overview

To better comprehend both Podbean vs Buzzsprout, we will present a brief summary before delving into our comparative analysis.

Podbean Overview

Podbean Home Page

Podbean is among the best when it comes to hosting and monetizing podcasts, Podbean has been around for more than a decade and now has more than 600k active members.

In addition, Podbean’s simple interface makes it possible for anyone to record and distribute their own podcast.

No matter the genre or scale, you have access to a wealth of resources, from statistics to live streams.

Buzzsprout Overview

Buzzsprout is one more massively used podcast hosting service.

Buzzsprout Home Page

Buzzsprout has indeed been providing advanced capabilities to its user base since its establishment in 2008 when it was aimed at entrepreneurs, new business owners, and established companies.

Making, publishing, and marketing a podcast can be done on a budget thanks to a variety of accessible pricing tiers.

Moreover, Buzzsprout provides a free trial for ninety days, allowing you to evaluate the platform without spending a dime. You could also look at the Buzzsprout discount code for a free $20 Amazon.com gift card available for use.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Key Features

Now having gained a general understanding of Buzzsprout & Podbean, it’s time to look at the most significant features that each service provides.

Podbean Key Features

Podbean Features And Benefits
  • In-depth Podcast analytics to monitor the success of your podcast.
  • Promotional tools for your podcasts that may be used directly within social networks.
  • High-quality methods of earning money.
  • Create a professional-quality podcast at no cost using one of our modern, mobile-friendly website themes.
  • Use the Podbean mobile app on your phone to record and distribute your podcast whenever and wherever you like.
  • Streaming live audio broadcasts can help your podcast grow.
  • It’s possible to plan and release podcast broadcasts from your mobile device.

Buzzsprout Key Features

Buzzsprout Features And Benefits
  • A magical finishing process that refines and enhances audio files.
  • Your workload will be minimized thanks to the episode optimizer’s automatic functionality.
  • Resources for creating unique content.
  • In order to transcribe your podcasts into blogs.
  • The best podcast player I’ve seen thus far.
  • Members of the team can easily and quickly manage multiple podcasts.
  • Top-notch metrics are at your disposal to monitor the success of your podcast.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: User Interface

The UI interface is also very important.

The time you spent learning the system and its interface will be wasted if somehow the platform doesn’t provide a straightforward one.

So, in the interest of time savings and concentrating on your podcasts, you must have a simple and easy user interface.

Podbean User Interface

When it comes to using Podbean, you are not required to be tech smart because of the simple interface.

The entire process, from registration to first use, is quick and easy. Podbean’s interface isn’t the most straightforward, but it’s still simple to use.

When you create an account for or access your existing account, you’ll be able to see all the major features.

The screen displays several options, including settings, dashboard, statistics, episodes, layouts, publish, and more. One-click will take you through all the menus and settings.

The user interface, in general, is easy to use and comprehend, saving users time and effort.

Buzzsprout User Interface

Buzzsprout makes it easy to sign up for their service right from the beginning. By signing up, you’ll have access to a wealth of materials that will help you get acquainted with Buzzsprout.

If you’re just getting started with podcasting, these materials will be invaluable in helping you learn the ropes and make an impact.

When it comes to the user interface, we can’t deny that Buzzsprout offers a really nice-looking, intuitive, and uncluttered layout.

The UI is split into three sections, making it simple to find the features you need.

Because of this, Buzzsprout is still a great option for novices who are looking for a simple and straightforward UI.

Thus, Buzzsprout is superior to Podbean in terms of its interface.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Making A Podcast Site

Having a website is a necessity in today’s world, therefore if you don’t have one, you should make one immediately. It’s easy to make a website with either Podbean or Buzzsprout. Listed below, I will describe the benefits that each option provides.

Podbean Website Creation

Podbean’s freemium model means you can make a mobile-friendly, aesthetically pleasing webpage for your podcasts with no risk.

All of the templates are fully adaptable to the needs of your website.

There are both paid and free options available for themes. If you decide to upgrade to the premium plan, you’ll also gain access to more personalization settings and a personalized domain.

Last but not least, you can preview updates in real-time to get a feel for how they will affect the user experience of your website.

Buzzsprout Website Creation

Nevertheless, you may also make a podcast site with Buzzsprout and use your own domain name.

The colour and picture you use for your site’s backdrop can also help you establish a distinct identity. Buzzsprout lags on Podbean, though, when it comes to personalization options.

It’s not as good as Podbean if you want to create a feature-rich podcast website because you don’t have as many extensive customization choices.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Promotion and Monetization

Having advertising and monetization tools built into your hosting platform can have a major impact whether you’re beginning a podcast as a passion or with the intention of making money from this.

Podbean Promotion and Monetization

Podbean provides numerous options for monetizing your podcasts. You have complete control over how you wish to monetize your podcast.

You can upload an unlimited number of paid podcasts to their platform. In only a few clicks, your listeners can upgrade to a paying membership to access your premium podcasts.

Your podcasts are also available on the Podbean advertising marketplace, where they can be listened to. The Podbean marketplace is a location where you may meet potential sponsors without spending a dime.

Advertising is a great way to boost your podcasting business’ earnings. Lastly, it merely requires a few moments to broadcast podcasts exclusive to Patreon supporters, allowing you to quickly and easily solicit financial support from your audience in exchange for prizes and contributions.

Podbean now features powerful advertising capabilities that will help you promote your podcast & reach your intended listeners.

With the help of the auto-share feature, you may publish your podcasts to various social media channels. The platform also facilitates podcast distribution via services like Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and many others.

Embedded players as well as the ability to have your voice heard throughout the world with Amazon Alexa are also available.

Buzzsprout Promotion and Monetization

You’ve put in a lot of time and energy to develop the perfect podcast, so it only makes sense that you’d like to monetize it and earn some extra cash.

Buzzsprout provides you with an affiliate marketplace to work with and match with affiliate programmes since it values revenue.

In addition, Buzzsprout has collaborated with Podcorn to help you find a suitable sponsor for your podcast.

Buzzsprout makes it easy to distribute your advertising content across the most popular podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Castro, Stitcher, and many more.

You may reach millions of listeners and monetize your podcast in a major way by having it published on multiple sites. Whoa, that’s an impressive description. Do you agree that it does?

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Integrations

Buzzsprout & Podbean both offer a lot of useful tools, but it’s helpful to have access to third-party, external integrations which let you add even more power to your podcasts.

Let’s compare and contrast the two systems with regard to the integrations they provide.

Podbean Integrations

MailChimp is one of the email services that can be integrated with Podbean. By incorporating this feature, you may have users sign up for an email list and be notified through email anytime a new podcast is published.

Podbean also works with a wide variety of third-party apps, some of which cost money. Dropbox, Article Amplifier, Google Analytics, SEO Meta Tags, Vokal Studio, Popcorn, and many others are just some of the apps that may be easily integrated.

Buzzsprout Integrations

Buzzsprout works in concert with other leading podcasting technologies. The cost of using the audio transcription service begins at $0.25 per minute.

It’s great for search engine optimization, which means more people will see your episodes and read your blogs, but it might be pricey for some users. You may also get a complimentary podcast plugin for WordPress.

Other applications incorporated consist of Chartable, Podtrac, Hindenburg, and others. Finally, Buzzsprout API is available for advanced users to gain access to further integration possibilities.

When comparing Podbean with Buzzsprout, it is obvious that Podbean has more possibilities for integration.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Statistics & Analytics

You can benefit greatly from learning how your podcast is being received by the public. Finding the best podcast hosting service necessitates paying close attention to Now, let’s compare the two systems using statistics & analytics.

Podbean Statistics & Analytics

If you want to keep tabs on how well your podcast is doing, Podbean can help you do just that. It’s crucial that you have a firm grasp on how many downloads your podcast has received as well as how it’s doing for its audience.

Consequently, Podbean displays the number of downloads and current trends.

There’s also a rundown of the Ten podcasts that have been the most successful for you. As well, you may see where your readers are located to gain insight into what sort of material to provide for them.

In addition, Podbean gives data so you can examine what time and day your podcasts generated the greatest number of downloads, which is useful if you’re trying to determine when is the best time to post your podcast.

User-agent charts, user retention, and other statistics and analytics services are also available.

Buzzsprout Statistics & Analytics

Even on the free plan, Buzzsprout provides in-depth metrics and statistics to help you monitor your podcast’s performance.

By learning more about your listeners, you’ll be better able to expand your podcast’s reach.

The analytics of Buzzsprout can tell you where your listeners are located, how many times they’ve downloaded your podcast, and which app they use to listen to it.

But, if you look at the big picture, all the data and statistics point to the fact that both hosting services perform similarly well.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Mobile Application

Numerous podcast hosting services provide smartphone apps for podcast creation and management.

As an added bonus, podcasts can be listened to on the go. Now let us compare and contrast the smartphone application availability of Podbean & Buzzsprout.

Podbean Mobile Application

There are Podbean apps for both iOS and Android. Podcast Player App is the name of Podbean’s smartphone application, via which users may access millions of podcasts from all over the world.

You may now learn about, enjoy, and customise your preferred sounds.

Recording and sharing content may also be done from within the app. As an added service, Podbean offers podcast promotions for a fee.

Buzzsprout Mobile Application

Buzzsrpout currently has no dedicated mobile app. The arrival of a mobile device from them is something we can look forward to.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how user-friendly the platform is; there will always be unique challenges. Podcast hosting can be a bit of a pain if you don’t have a reliable support team to turn to when you get stuck. How about we compare and contrast the assistance options available on these two platforms?

Podbean Customer Service

In terms of customer service, Podbean is among the best. By filling out this form, you can get in touch with customer service immediately.

After you submit the form along with the required data, Podbean will forward your inquiry to the most qualified individual to respond to it.

The site also has a comprehensive help section with numerous video guides and articles covering a wide range of topics.

There are articles covering just about every facet of Podbean, from making money with it to set it up & getting started.

Podcast school is another great resource for learning the ropes of podcast production. You’ll learn tried-and-true strategies for making it as a podcaster.

Last but not least, Podbean hosts in-person seminars where you can pick the brains of some of the most well-known podcasters in the world.

Buzzsprout Customer Service

Buzzsprout offers email support for when you get stuck. As soon as you send an email to the support staff, someone will get back to you with answers to your questions.

In addition, you can access materials like articles, blogs, guidelines, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address simple concerns independently.

The company also offers a free podcast community & video courses.

Podbean’s customer service is superior to Buzzsprout’s, which is disappointing.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Pricing Plans

It’s critical to have access to a low-cost podcast hosting option. If you decide to spend cash on something, you don’t want to be let down. Therefore, let’s compare the cost of using Podbean vs Buzzsprout.

Podbean Pricing Plans

Podbean Pricing Plans
Basic Plan$0Beginners seeking free hosting for their podcasts.
Unlimited Audio Plan$9/monthWell suited for audio podcasting
Unlimited+ Plan$29/monthBest for Monetizing and Recording Video Podcasts
Business Plan$99/monthExcellent for Business, Professionals Podcasts

Note: All of Podbean’s paid subscription tiers to come with a weeklong free trial. When the initial seven-day free trial period finishes, you’ll be billed the full subscription price. Sadly, Podbean does not offer any sort of refund policy or money-back guarantee.

Buzzsprout Pricing Plans

Buzzsprout Pricing Plans
Buzzsprout PlanPricingBest for
Free Plabs$0Beginners who need to start with their podcasts
Premium Plan$12/monthBest for beginners who need additional features
Premium Plan$18/monthIdeal for people who need 6 hours of uploading hours
Premium Plan$24/monthBest for experienced users with 12 hours of upload

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Pros and Cons

We’ll summarise Podbean & Buzzsprout’s advantages and drawbacks now. Are there more drawbacks than pros? Let’s Compare it!

Podbean Pros and Cons

Podbean ProsPodbean Cons
The base plan is free.There is no policy for refunds.
Plans with prices that are reasonable.In order for users to subscribe, they must first create an account.
Every plan comes with a complimentary website builder.
The Podbean app is available for both iOS & Android.
Migration to Podbean is completely free.
Very straightforward and accessible to novices.

Buzzsprout Pros and Cons

Buzzsprout ProsBuzzsprout Cons
Clear navigation.There is no free website builder available.
Unlimited space is included in every package.There is no video hosting functionality included with the audio hosting.
This service is free to try out for a full 90 days!
No obligation or credit check is required.
You can use your one account to host an unlimited number of podcasts.

Who Should You Choose Podbean?

When put side by side, Buzzsprout and Podbean’s differences become more apparent.

This means that Podbean is the best option for both novices and professionals. Podbean’s free plan is ideal for those just getting their feet wet in the podcasting world.

You can use it to learn more about Podbean and decide if it’s the best choice for you. In addition, Podbean has first-rate assistance for its customers while Buzzsprout falls short in this regard.

Finally, Podbean’s free plan allows for 5 hours of upload time, while Buzzsprout’s free plan only allows for 2 hours. If you’re looking for a top-tier, feature-rich platform, Podbean is your best bet.

Who Should You Choose Buzzsprout?

Yet, Buzzsprout also provides extensive functionality. If you’re looking for a solid hosting service, Buzzsprout is your best bet.

Buzzsprout has a much more streamlined and straightforward UI than Podbean. Sadly, there isn’t much room for personalization.

Yet, in the grand scheme of things, it might serve as the best option for anyone who wants to really get their podcast off the ground and into the hands of their intended listeners.

Conclusion On Podbean vs Buzzsprout

At this point, you should have a general concept of the services provided by each of these hosting companies. Both services excel at what they do well and include robust resources for making and sharing podcasts.

Choosing between Podbean vs Buzzsprout as your podcast host comes down to your preferences, money, as well as the functionality you require.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can make the right choice. No matter which web host you go with, setting up your site will be a breeze.

That contrast served to clarify the distinctions, we pray. Leave a comment below letting us know who you’ve chosen as your podcast host!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buzzsprout The Best Podcast Hosting?

With Buzzsprout, you can utilise their free plan for as long as you like. Two hours of audio can be uploaded each month, but episodes are only available for 90 days. Check out the pricing page for additional information about this excellent entry point.

Is Buzzsprout Worth It?

Buzzsprout is loaded with useful tools for podcasters of all skill levels. The programme is perfect for newcomers because of its user-friendliness and obvious design. Also, the site caters to the needs of seasoned podcasters with its extensive capabilities.

Is Podbean A Good Podcast Host?

Quick and Easy Podcast Hosting. In general, I’ve enjoyed using Podbean. After using them from 2018 through ’22, I found a different host that met all of my needs at a lower cost. Podbean’s distinct, adaptable character, and its ease of use, stood out to me amongst its rivals.

Does Podbean Count Spotify?

Like other podcast apps and sites, Podbean includes Spotify downloads in its regular statistics. Under “Download Sources,” you can see where you can get downloads from, including Spotify (also called user agents).

How Do You Switch From Podbean To Buzzsprout?

Visit the My Profile section of your Buzzsprout account and select the Cancel/Redirect Podcast button. If you want to change where your podcasts are being fed, you can do that by clicking the middle option.
If you want to switch from Buzzsprout to Podbean, do the following.
1) Register for Podbean and select a subscription level that suits your needs. 2) Go to the “Import podcast” tab on your Podcast Dashboard.