Podbean Free Trial 2023 | Free Podcast Hosting For 30 Days

Podbean Free Trial.

Do you want to try Podbean Free Trial in 2023?

Have you been considering beginning a podcast but been put off by the thought of how much work and money it may take? Here’s where it becomes clear why Podbean is the greatest choice for podcasters.

When it comes to podcast hosting, Podbean is among the best in the business. Many podcasters rely on it to help them gain exposure.

Podbean offers a free trial service, which is great news for people who want to start podcasts. Additionally, you have an opportunity to grab a huge discount of up to 35% using the Podbean Coupon Code.

So, let’s get started…

Podbean Free Trial Summary

Do you want to investigate Podbean to determine whether or not this platform meets your requirements before you actually pay for its services?

You will feel very pleased to discover that the Podbean Free Trial comes with its Starter plan for aspiring podcasters like you, which enables you to start and publish your podcast for $0 across all of the main podcast applications.

If you feel the trial period is a little less for you, then try out Buzzsprout’s 90 days free trial. To know more about the platform in detail, check out our in-depth comparison article on “Podbean vs Buzzsprout.”

How To Activate Podbean Free Trial?

The Podbean Free Trial is simple to activate. If you’re ready to start podcasting, all you have to do is sign up for their 30-day free trial offer using the information below.

Step 1: If you follow this unique link, you’ll be sent straight to the Podbean homepage.

Step 2: Click on the “Get Started For Free” button located in the middle of the page.

Step 3: Here you will get to select your plan according to your specific requirements.

Step 4: Following that, you must establish a new account by giving an email address and a password.

Step 5: Enter your billing information and complete the signup procedure. You can easily terminate your trial version within its initial 30 days.

Step 6: After completing your registration on Podbean successfully, you will be presented with two options:

If you click the “Create New Podcast” button, you’ll be sent to your podcast’s administrative dashboard.

You probably have questions about how to create a podcast and begin recording episodes.

All it takes is three easy steps.

  • In order to configure your podcast: Go to the dashboard and provide a description of the content of your podcast.
  • To make your podcast available online: Add an audio file
  • You can distribute your podcast by uploading it to the most popular podcasting programs, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and so on.

Those are the only steps needed to launch a podcast and start producing episodes.

What Is Podbean?

Podbean was released as a ‘blog-like’ platform with the intention of assisting podcast creators.

Podbean Home Page

As time has passed, it has evolved into a sophisticated platform and software that provides everything you need to create, distribute, and develop your podcast.

Podbean is unique in that there is “no learning curve” associated with starting up well with the platform.

Podbean is more than just a podcast host; it’s a full-fledged podcasting machine with everything you need to make, distribute, monetize, manage, and promote your podcasts.

For this reason, over 600k podcasters around the world have relied on it to produce 12M episodes & fuel 9.8 billion downloads.

Why Choose Podbean Hosting?

Podbean is a free podcasting platform that handles the nitty-gritty for you, such as creating a podcast, releasing episodes, & spreading the word.

When you’re a podcaster, you can zero into the thing you love most: making your listeners happy.

Below are a few of the key aspects of the Podbean that enable it so useful for podcasters of all experience levels.

1. User-Friendly

The most beneficial aspect of utilizing the Podbean program is the fact that it possesses a straightforward and uncomplicated user interface, which makes it extremely user-friendly even for novices.

2. Customer & Flexible Layout

When you are building your podcast, you have a selection of over one hundred unique, custom skinned templates to pick from. This is the second-best feature.

You also can modify these themes so that they better fit the design style of your company.

3. Massive Storage Space & Bandwidth

Individual podcasters have more reasons than ever to use Podbean as their starting point because of its adaptability, cost-effective hosting, and absence of constraints on storage and connectivity.

4. Live Stream & Mobile App

The availability of an iOS or Android app is a standard feature. This means you can record and release your unique or personal podcast from your mobile device.

You may also use Livestream to interact with your listeners in interesting new ways and grow your podcast’s audience.

5. Pod-casting Webpage

It takes minutes to start up your individual podcasting website and requires very little effort. As an added bonus, pricier plans let you utilize your own domain.

6. Effortless Advertising

You can integrate your social media profiles to have new episodes directly shared automatically, and you can use their embeddable player to have your podcasts appear on all other sites.

7. Simple Monetization strategies

Podbean provides a number of resources, including the Dynamic Ad Insertion, Advertising Marketplace, and a Patron program, to help podcasters monetize their content.

8. In-Depth Analysis of Podcasts

Finally, you can increase your podcast’s success by making use of their IAB-approved podcast analytics. Visit the Podbean site to learn more about its advanced podcasting tools and functionalities.

Podbean Pricing Plans

When comparing podcast hosting options, Podbean came out as a top choice due to its innovative features and affordable pricing.

Podbean Pricing Plans

All of the information you need to know about Podbean’s podcast hosting costs can be found here.

1. Basic Plan (Free): With this package, you can expect to have 100 Gigabytes of bandwidth and five hours of storage time.

2. Unlimited Audio Plan ($9 per month): With this package, you get unlimited space for your files and data transfer.

  • Premium and High-Quality Podcast.
  • Ad Exchange for Podcasts.
  • Learn to Trace Your Own Path.
  • Superior, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Metrics.
  • Powerful Options for Customising the Theme.

3. Unlimited+ Plan ($29 per month): Video podcasts as well as the Patron Program are supported on this subscription, in addition to bandwidth and unlimited storage.

  • Free Video Hosting for All Time.
  • Sponsorship Program for Podcasts.
  • Ad Exchange for Podcasts.
  • Changes to Every Aspect of the Theme Possible.
  • Podcast Advertising with PodAds’s Real-Time Ad Insertion.

4. Business Plan ($99 per month): Following services are available to you as part of their premium plan

  • Assistance via real-time chat.
  • Interactional Data.
  • Software that can be rebranded with your own name.
  • Eliminate any references to Podbean.
  • More Than One Administrator (Unlimited).
  • Numerous Channels (Unlimited).
  • Subscription-only audio broadcasts that require single sign-on.

Is Podbean Worth It?

The Podbean platform provides an excellent experience overall and comes highly recommended.

Pros: Podbean is indeed an incredible platform for hosting your podcasting content. It’s all so user-friendly, and yet it does not come at a high cost.

Cons: Just one drawback to the 30-day Podbean Free Trial edition is that it does not allow you to synchronize your podcast with Spotify.

Conclusion On Podbean Free Trial

With your convenience in mind, we have combined the details of the Podbean Free Trial offer as well as other pertinent data into this page.

Podbean is a wonderful option if you want a simple platform with helpful features and responsive support staff.

Since it’s cost-free, there’s nothing preventing you from giving podcasting a try and possibly making it a full-time career.

In that case, why delay any longer? You may enjoy the benefits of Podbean Free Trial by creating an account right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Podbean For Free?

Podbean makes it easy and inexpensive to launch a podcast. A free podcast hosting service is provided by Podbean. Podbean Podcast App is a free app that allows users to broadcast, record, and distribute podcasts. In addition to the free version, Podbean offers premium subscriptions with access to premium features and increased space for hosting podcasts.

What Are Podbean Free Limits?

In addition to basic podcast statistics, etc., the free plan supports the mp3 file format and provides 5 Hours of total storage space (500MB) and 100GB of monthly bandwidth. Users on the free tier are limited to publishing three episodes per day. There’s a 100 MB cap on file sizes in general.

Does Podbean Count Spotify?

In the same way that other podcast apps and sites are accounted for in your Podbean statistics, so are Spotify downloads. Under “Download Sources,” you can see where you can get your music from, like Spotify, for example (also called user agents).

Can You Use Podbean Offline?

Podcasts are available for downloading and offline listening. If you want to download multiple episodes at once, you can do so by selecting each individually, then tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the podcast page, and finally tapping Batch Manage.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout Which Is Better?

Podbean’s free trial lasts for 30 days, while Buzzsprout’s lasts for 90. Podbean provides a smartphone app for both listening to and creating one’s own podcasts. But, there is currently no Buzzsprout app available.