OnlyOffice Review 2023 | Is OnlyOffice Free? (Honest Review)

OnlyOffice Review.

OnlyOffice by Ascensio Systems is a reliable, enterprise-level document management solution available in the cloud including on deployments Plans.

Having 6 to 10 lively users and 40 GB of storage will set you back $40 monthly. Although it lacks a few enterprise functionalities that Microsoft SharePoint Online provides, it is well-equipped in other respects.

In this OnlyOffice review, I will discuss the platform’s advantages and disadvantages, its most useful features, competitors, integrations, pricing, and support options, as well as address some FAQs.

So let’s get started.

What Is OnlyOffice?

OnlyOffice, formerly known as TeamLab Office, is a free, feature-packed, cloud-based, all-inclusive productivity and office suite. The best part is that OnlyOffice offers Discounts from time to time.

OnlyOffice Home Page

OnlyOffice is a unified platform that includes project and document management tools, customer relationship management, and online document editors, and it supports numerous file types like CSV, TXT, HTML, DOCX, DOC, and PDF.

An alternative to Microsoft Office includes all of those features, plus a timer, an email reader, and milestones for your projects.

It’s a user-friendly platform for managing documents and projects, and it may also be put to use in the realm of customer service.

OnlyOffice Pros and Cons


  • Cost-efficient.
  • Create PDFs with minimal effort.
  • Linux users can access this.
  • Several formatting choices.
  • Allows self-hosting.
  • Quick and decisive loading.
  • The support desk staff is excellent.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of operating systems.
  • Allows for the use of various languages within a single document.
  • Those who are familiar with other popular word programs will feel right at home with this one.
  • Really quick performance in both the standalone desktop program and the web browser version.


  • Improved compliance capabilities are needed.
  • The cloud-based option does not sync with company directories.

OnlyOffice Pricing Plans

Depending on how many portals and users your business needs, ONLYOFFICE can be had for free or at a variety of affordable prices.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace Cloud Pricing

If you want to give ONLYOFFICE a try but don’t want to commit right now, you may sign up for a free, no-obligation trial.

OnlyOffice by Ascensio System, comparable to numerous other document management solutions, is available for use either in the cloud or on one of the company’s own servers.

Each choice has its own unique set of perks and complications. The cloud edition of OnlyOffice enables simple and rapid deployment.

It is billed per user on a monthly, yearly, or 3-year basis. It costs $5/month, $2/month, and $1/user/month, accordingly.

Nevertheless, its monthly rate is only offered for clients with a minimum of at least 6 members. Clients with even more users will gain more space in storage and further advantages.

Storage space choices begin with 8 GB for up to 2 users, 20 GB for 3 to 5 users, and 40 GB for 6 to 10 users and higher.

OnlyOffice Compatibility and Key Features

OnlyOffice Features and Benefits

1. Customization and Collaboration

In addition to being compatible with any syncing/sharing platform and a wide variety of DMS systems, Jira, Nextcloud, including WordPress, and others.

OnlyOffice also provides users with granular control over who may edit, view, and comment on shared documents.

There are a number of different modes that users can select from, reviewing, including editing, commenting only, reviewing, and form filling. Also, they can limit your ability to copy, download, and print.

There’s also the option of sharing publicly. It has two different types of collaborative editing, a history of modifications that can be viewed and accepted or rejected, and a rollback feature for older versions of a document.

After completion, papers created with ONLY OFFICE are compatible with different permissions & form submissions.

In ONLYOFFICE, you may compare documents, approve or decline changes individually or in bulk, merge edits, and save modified documents as the latest versions, all with a few clicks.

In addition to tagging co-authors, commenting, and chatting in real time, users may also share content and collaborate on it.

2. Tools For Editing Documents Online

You can edit text files, spreadsheets, and presentations all in one place with OnlyOffice Documents v7.1. These documents, along with PDFs, fillable forms, as well as a plethora of others, can be made by users.

TXT, PDF, RTF, EPUB, HTML, ODF, CSV, and OOXML are only some of the common Office and Open document formats that are supported by the software.

It supports plugins from services like Twilio, DocuSign, and WordPress, and comes with a variety of formatting features that make it easy to import and modify complicated models.

OnlyOffice not only reads PDFs but also lets you convert them to editable DOCX files.

3. Cloud Work Station

In OnlyOffice Workspace v12.0, you’ll find a suite of web tools ideal for managing teams and collaborating in real-time and from anywhere in the world. Users have the option of hosting it on the cloud or on their own servers.

For official company paperwork, there are OnlyOffice Docs included. It also includes a customer relationship management tool with processes ranging from generating leads through order fulfillment, as well as an email system that is compatible with standard email protocols.

With Workspace, you can manage your projects with ease thanks to its integrated task lists, Gantt charts, and timers.

In addition, it enables users to create shared calendars for their teams and collaborate with others.

4. The Storage facility

The Cloud Services by OnlyOffice provides users with two distinct storage tiers. Under the Startup and Personal tiers, each individual is entitled to 2 gigabytes of space per portal, whereas at the Business subscription, that number increases to 100 GB each year.

5. Superior Functionalities

Compared to MS Office or other workplace suites, OnlyOffice holds its own because of its innovative features.

  • Creation of fillable forms.
  • Features for hiding sensitive information, such as watermarking and encryption.
  • Support for numerous third-party apps including Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, DocuSign, Twitter, Twilio, and Facebook.
  • The business elite’s cloud VIP service.
  • Native apps for iOS and Android.

OnlyOffice Alternatives and Competitors

1. Onlyoffice vs Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an industry-leading package of productivity and collaboration tools that aims to streamline individual tasks and foster more effective teamwork.

Organizational members may access it from any of their devices, allowing them to stay productive no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Office 365 Pricing:

At $69.99 a year (or $6.99 a month), Microsoft 365 Personal covers one personal device, while Microsoft 365 Family covers up to five personal and ten business devices and costs $99.99 a year (or $9.99 a month).

2. Onlyoffice vs PandaDoc

The paperless office is a real possibility with the help of this cloud-based document management program.

It supports numerous document formats like Word Documents, PDF, etc., and provides basic & advanced functionality including file sharing, document creation, and more.

In addition, it has the capability to accept digital signatures.

PandaDoc Pricing:

PandaDoc’s Essentials plan is $19/month/user. A Business package is also available and costs $49/user a month. Nevertheless, the Enterprise plan is made for individual quotes. Electronic signatures, unlimited document sending, and payment processing are all included in the free plan.

3. Onlyoffice vs Encyro

A versatile application that can encrypt emails, collect electronic signatures, and facilitate safe file-sharing.

SMS- and expertise authentication are also supported on the platform, both of which aid tax professionals in meeting IRS regulations.

Encyro Pricing:

  • Freemium features of Encyro E-Sign are available without a subscription, while the Pro Plan requires $14.99 per month or $9.99 yearly.
  • The seller offers a custom plan that can be quoted for businesses with more than 30 customers. Prices are reduced for institutes of learning and the public good.
  • If you’re interested in trying out the Pro Plan, you can do so risk-free for 14 days. After that, you can select between the free and paid plans if you so want.

4. Onlyoffice vs Libreoffice

A free online office suite called LibreOffice was developed with the needs of businesses of all sizes in mind.

LibreOffice is an open-source, free office suite that is functional with a broad variety of file types. It is an excellent option for people who are looking for such a suite.

On the other hand, those individuals who require the highest level of assistance and performance might not find it to be the most suitable option.

LibreOffice Pricing:

The most constantly maintained successor initiative is LibreOffice, which is another open-source, free program that was based on (or just OpenOffice).

Conclusion On OnlyOffice Review

Every last bit of analysis points to ONLYOFFICE being the best suite because of its cutting-edge design and features.

The additional functions that can be found in OpenOffice or LibreOffice are unfortunately outdated and unreliable. Furthermore, ONLYOFFICE is the solitary victor when Microsoft Office file suitability is taken into account.

Perhaps some of the features I’m missing can be found in the business editions; if so, I’d be interested in giving them a go.

A direct substitute for Microsoft Office? Not yet, but I’m inspired enough by OnlyOffice to keep working with it and see how far I can push it.

Excellent organization. I hope you’ll be pleased with the program after giving it a try, so go ahead and download it and give it a try.

As for this OnlyOffice Review, that’s it. I really hope this review was informative for you. Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions about this review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OnlyOffice Completely Free?

ONLYOFFICE for Open Source Community is available to any legally operating business at no cost. ONLYOFFICE is open-source software that can be used without cost by the Open Source Community on any server, whether it be public or private.

Is OnlyOffice Safe To Use?

There is no adware, spyware, or other potentially unwanted software bundled with ONLYOFFICE Documents that could compromise your system in any way. Privacy and safety are paramount here. The peace and quiet you enjoy at ONLYOFFICE are well worth the low monthly fee.

Is OnlyOffice Any Good?

It has a lot of useful functions, such as a word processor, a presentation maker, a form maker, an email service, and a CRM system (CRM). OnlyOffice is an excellent option for the necessary software tools found in any office.

Which Is Better LibreOffice or OnlyOffice?

When comparing ONLYOFFICE Workspace (320 reviews, 4.5 stars) and LibreOffice (1882 reviews, 4.3 ratings), it’s clear that LibreOffice is the clear winner. See how several software packages stack up against one another in terms of functionality, usability, support, and cost.