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  • Go to and sign in using your login details.
  • Choose the profile that you would like to download or stream movies TV shows from. A family could have their profile, each one guided by the 4 number pin.
  • Enter the code that was sent to your phone or email in the ‘enter code ‘ field’
  • Click ‘Activate’ to sign in with your Netflix account. You can then begin watching TV and movies.


  1. Launch the Netflix App on your Smart TV.
  2. You will see Netflix activation code on your screen.
  3. Open the netflix/tv8 website on your browser.
  4. Enter the code displayed on your TV.
  5. Enter Code.
  6. Click Continue.


Netflix can be used with Apple TV (2nd generation) and later. Here are the steps to access your Netflix accounts to watch Netflix on Apple TV.

To access Netflix on the 2nd Gen Apple TV, navigate to the home screen and choose Netflix in the drop-down menu. Sign in with your login details.

If you don’t yet have an account on Netflix goes to the sign-up page on the web or in a browser to register. Return to the Apple TV and enter your email address and password. The device must connect to Netflix with

If you’re employing Apple TV (4th generation) or Apple TV 4K (5th and 6th generation) the procedure will be the opposite method. To enable Netflix using Apple TV, you must be on the screen that is home. Once you have done that, you have to visit Your App Store from your home screen.

Look for Netflix and download it. After installation, launch the app and sign in using your login credentials from before. If you don’t have one, you can create one if you have yet to sign in.

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Google TV is an interface that hosts content from many streaming channels. It is not a gadget but it is software that is available on several devices.

If your device is already equipped with Google TV and is not produced during 2012-2014, you can likely connect Netflix with your gadget.


Sony Google TV users need to hit the ‘Home’ button on their wireless keyboard remote and then select “All apps”. You can access the Netflix app using the buttons on the arrows on your remote. Select the app when you have found it.

Click sign in, and then sign in. If you’re not yet able to register an account, create one via the internet and then go back to enter the username and password.

If, but, you’re connected to HI sense Google TV, click the “All Apps button on the remote. Then choose Netflix and then the ‘Member sign-in option. Follow the steps to activate Netflix on the TV.


  • Start ‘ Google play store onto your Smartphone and type Netflix in the search bar.
  • You can install Netflix on your device. Netflix application on the device you are using.
  • Start your Netflix application and log in with your account details on If you’re not an account holder, create an account.
  • It is now time to go through the collection of films and TV shows to find the one you want to enjoy. Or, you can look for a specific one that you are amused by.

Official link –

Frequently Asked Questions ( activate code)

How do I find my Netflix code on my TV?

Go to Netflix’s activation page in any browser on any device. Access your Netflix account. In the Activate Your Device section, type the code that appears on the screen. To validate and connect your device to Netflix, select Activate.

How do I activate my Netflix on my TV?

If your device creates an activation code, go to the Netflix website and type it in:
Visit to begin.
After logging in, choose a profile.
In the Enter code area, type the code.
Choose Activate.

Why does my Netflix not work on TV?

Wait 1 minute after pressing the power button on the smartphone once. If you can’t reach the power button on your gadget, leave it unplugged for 3 minutes instead. Reconnect your device. Restart your device and try Netflix once again.

How can I get Netflix on a non smart TV?

To get Netflix on a non-smart TV, connect an on-demand streaming device like an Apple TV or an Amazon FireStick to your TV’s HDMI connection, then download Netflix from the app store. After that, you may access your Netflix account.

Where is the activation code on a Samsung TV?

Enter your Samsung TV’s activation code. Your activation code may be found on the screen of your smartphone.

Where do I find the activation code on my TV?

On your Smart TV or streaming device, launch the YouTube app.
Go to the Settings tab.
Scroll down to the TV code link. Your television will display a blue TV code.
Prepare your phone or tablet and follow the instructions in the “Enter the code” section below.

Where is my activation code on my Samsung TV?

Go to “My Account” on your Samsung now. Select “Activate” from the “User Account” section at the bottom of the page. The activation code will show on your screen in a few seconds.

How many TVs can watch Netflix?

The $8.99 a month Basic plan allows you to watch Netflix on one screen only. You may stream Netflix on two screens at once with a Standard membership for $13.99 per month. Premium Netflix subscribers may watch Netflix on four screens at once for $17.99 per month.

Can I use Netflix on another TV?

Yes, you can operate the Netflix app on several TVs using 2nd Screen, but not at the same time: connecting 2nd Screen to another TV will detach it from your present TV.

How many devices can you activate on Netflix?

You can watch video on one device (Basic), two devices (Standard), or four devices (Premium) at a time, depending on your Netflix package. You may create up to five profiles per account, allowing everyone with access to the account to have their own unique suggestions and watching history.

Can I activate Netflix on TV?

You’ll need a device with the Netflix app to watch Netflix on your TV. Many smart TVs, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray players include Netflix apps. The Netflix app is on the main menu or home screen on Netflix-ready TVs.

How do I find my device activation code for Netflix?

Go to your Account after signing in to the Netflix website. Select Service Code at the bottom of the page. The service code will be shown.

Is Netflix registration free?

Is Medflix a cost-free service? Yes. All users may sign up for free and use a variety of features and services on Medflix.