Is TubeBuddy Safe To Use?

If you are considering using TubeBuddy, you may be asking if it is safe to do so.

You’ve come to the right spot because in this TubeBuddy post, we’ll discuss why people might be concerned about using TubeBuddy and whether or not TubeBuddy is safe to use.

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Is TubeBuddy Safe To Use

Is TubeBuddy Safe To Use?

Indeed, TubeBuddy is completely risk-free. 

TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified browser extension that has been in development for several years and is currently utilized by 1 million YouTube creators globally.

There is no negative news on any TubeBuddy incident that would indicate that TubeBuddy is unsafe to use.

TubeBuddy is endorsed by famous YouTube advice channels (such as Nick Nimmin) and celebrities with millions of followers, such as Sarah Beth Yoga.

Adobe, eBay, Intel, BBC, and other large worldwide firms use it as well.

If you are still concerned about utilizing TubeBuddy, we will answer any issues you may have.

How To Use TubeBuddy Safely?

TubeBuddy, as you can see, may be used safely even if you are utterly negligent. There are various safety rules to bear in mind when using any type of service.

If you use a difficult-to-crack password, you will have no trouble with hackers gaining access to your TubeBuddy account.

For your YouTube account, use two-factor authentication.

This is vital not just for keeping your TubeBuddy account safe, but also for keeping your YouTube account safe and minimizing the possibility of being hacked.

Key Features Of TubeBuddy

Going on, I’ll go over some of TubeBuddy’s best features to familiarise you with its potential and how it may help your YouTube channel.

Keyword Research Tool

The core of functions that are SEO-friendly is keyword research. In order to assess a keyword’s worth in terms of search volume, amount of competition, and degree of optimization, TubeBuddy assigns it a score out of 100.

Before submitting your material, the real-time data helps you assess the likelihood of it ranking higher on the search page.

You can view both weighted and unweighted scores based on the size of your channel for better optimization.

Channel and Video Analysis

You can gain extensive insights into your channel growth using this tool. By comparing your success with that of rival channels’ in terms of upload volume, monthly views, subscribers, and tags applied, TubeBuddy can assist.

In order to assess the development of each video, it also incorporates video analysis. Views, likes, comments, ranked tags, and SEO rankings are all tracked in a summary report.

Audience Analysis

You can use the TubeBuddy tool to better understand your audience and provide material that appeals to them.

By displaying the percentage of viewers from various nations, it analyses the demographic information of the audience.

Determine which languages your viewers speak with the use of the additional language analyzer feature. To boost your viewership, you can translate the titles, subtitles, and descriptions of your videos into different languages.

Tags Translator

Tags are crucial for YouTube SEO and function the same for material in many languages. In addition to the language analyzer, you can also utilize the Tags Translator tool to convert existing tags into appropriate languages for a particular audience.

It should be noted that only the premium plan of TubeBuddy offers the Tags Translator tool.

Why is TubeBuddy Safe to use?

Prior to YouTube becoming a part of Google, TubeBuddy has been developing goods in the YouTube market for more than ten years.

We are familiar with Google’s secure authentication and YouTube’s ins and outs. We are very serious about security.

As many well-known YouTubers and brands use TubeBuddy, it is crucial to make sure they are protected.

Your sensitive information is kept private since TubeBuddy only transmits data using the secure HTTPS protocol. For additional details, check our Privacy Policy.

When you connect your channel to TubeBuddy, the secure OAuth 2.0 technique provided by Google, which is the industry standard, is used. By going to Google Permissions, you can at any time deny TubeBuddy access to your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TubeBuddy, and how it works?

An effective SEO service provider is TubeBuddy, which is available as a Chrome addon. It is integrated with your YouTube API once you join up for TubeBuddy using the email associated with your channel on YouTube and agree to its terms of service. It also provides you with tools that might help you rank your YouTube videos more effectively in order to increase your audience and money.

Is TubeBuddy YouTube Certified?

Absolutely. Since 2015, TubeBuddy has been approved by YouTube to assist YouTubers in better understanding its search algorithm and producing better results for their channels. However, it was dropped from YouTube’s Services Directory’s list of software categories in 2021. The good news is that TubeBuddy continues to be investigated by YouTube and enjoys a positive working relationship. In order to protect users, TubeBuddy makes sure that it complies with the YouTube TOS.

Can you cancel TubeBuddy?

Yes. For the unrestricted version, you can stop using TubeBuddy whenever you want. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to contact their customer care to cancel the licence for paid plans and receive a full refund. Note that this cancellation policy does not apply to subsequent purchases; the refund is only given to first-time consumers.