Intelligynce vs EcomHunt 2023 | Ultimate Spy Tool Comparison

Intelligynce vs EcomHunt.

If you’re looking to launch an online store, giving some thought to Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt is a must. It’s a brilliant idea to launch an online store. It’s the thing that’s really taking off right now, both culturally and economically.

Hence, knowing either Ecomhunt or Intelligynce isn’t enough if you want to launch a profitable online store.

This comparison will indeed be entirely unbiased so that you can see the similarities and differences between Intelligynce vs EcomHunt.

Therefore, let’s dive in and determine which platform stands above the rest.

What Is Intelligynce?

Intelligynce is a tool for discovering new and popular items. AliExpress, Shopify, and WooCommerce are the e-commerce platforms that play the nicest with Intelligynce.

Intelligynce Home Page

You can check out our in-depth Intelligynce Review to know more about its features and benefits including its pros and cons.

Intelligynce was established in 2016 by 2 friends, Bobby Walker & Phil Conibere, and since then it has undergone consistent development and improvement.

Ali Inspector is a brand-new addition to Intelligynce, and it brings with it a plethora of helpful and fascinating features.

If you subscribe to an Intelligynce subscription, you have access to Ali Inspector at no additional cost. To learn more about Aliexpress, you may use Ali Inspector, a desktop application.

More on the Ali Inspector will be discussed towards the end of this Intelligynce review, plus commentary on EcomHunt.

What Is EcomHunt?

EcomHunt isn’t only a research tool; it also has a Facebook advertisements feature that lets you spy on your rivals’ ad campaigns. Also, EcomHunt assists you in focusing your advertisements on the correct demographic.

Ecomhunt Home Page

You can find profitable products for sale on your dropshipping business with the aid of EcomHunt, a product-hunting tool.

Very lately, version 2.0 of EcomHunt was released, providing merchants with more options and customization. Although there is a premium option, the free plan is still available to anyone who doesn’t mind the service’s limitations.

Intelligynce vs EcomHunt – Key Differences

The two resources are effective at their intended purpose: discovering new and exciting things. However, you don’t want to shell out money for just that function.

What’s more, you won’t be able to succeed at dropshipping without assistance in other areas as well.

There are a lot of moving parts involved, such as advertising, adding product information to your online store, finding the optimal pricing, etc.

If there were a single device that can perform several tasks, it would be well worth investing in. Intelligynce and EcomHunt both provide more tools and services outside just locating trending items.

Yet, the grade of service and the methods used to provide it vary. Let’s go right to the point and compare Intelligynce vs EcomHunt.

1. User Friendly Interface

Before everything else, EcomHunt has a straightforward UI. The interface is simplistic and does not require advanced technology.

Yet, it appears to be easy to locate popular items on the homepage as well as the primary dashboard.

Underneath the number of retailers offering the goods on the right, you’ll see the user interactions, and so on. Yet, if it performs as advertised, the user interface should not really matter, at least not to me.

When compared, Intelligynce provides a straightforward alternative. A sleek, up-to-date UI and intuitive design make this a breeze to use.

Using this instrument is a breeze. Yet in the case of Ali Inspector, this is not the case.

Many functions and customizations are available in Ali Inspector. This means that it has the potential to be difficult to utilise. In addition, being greeted with 33 data columns might make things more complicated.

2. Popular Goods and Commodities

Indeed, Intelligynce offers a plethora of popular and effective items. Almost 2.5 million goods are included in its directory as of this posting.

Also, the database is routinely updated so that it always reflects the most up-to-date information on the most popular items sold on AliExpress.

Although if the programme only enrols and crawls the most popular goods on AliExpress, the information is helpful for other retailers as well.

When asked how many popular items are catalogued by EcomHunt, they could not provide a specific figure. But, they do have sufficient resources to identify a marketable offering for your company.

You can see what’s popular right away since we highlight select hot items on our site. When you sign in to your control panel, you’ll see a long list of popular items.

Of course, this benefits both the platforms Intelligynce & EcomHunt.

3. Sort The Goods Using A Filter

Before everything else, unless you have a year to spare, it is impossible to go through all 2.5 million products. Without a doubt, nope.

In this case, the filters come in. Finding a popular item in any market is now easier than ever with the aid of Intelligence’s useful filter.

There are essentially four groups to choose from when applying filters: Store filters, Sorting, Social filters, And keywords.

EcomHunt provides a fair number of search criteria to help you zero in on the best results. First, you can browse items by when they were added to the site (newest first) or when they were introduced (oldest first).

You may also shop for goods that are currently popular by browsing the many categories available. The many available options are neatly organised by letter of the alphabet.

You may further refine your search by using filters for “free + delivery,” “funnel,” and “retail pricing,” respectively.

In addition, you may now choose how recently you’d want the results to be limited to include only those offers that have been made, whether in the last few days, weeks, or months.

Finally, you may use a keyword search to locate a particular product.

Intelligynce provides additional filter choices to achieve a better outcome when the two are compared together.

4. Importing Products Automatically

Use Intelligynce to quickly and effortlessly import an infinite number of goods from AliExpress into your Shopify store or WordPress store.

In place is a system that automates the process of importing your items, so you won’t have to worry about doing it by hand. Messages, stock-keeping units (SKUs), Images, prices, and a plethora of other data types are also imported.

The situation is unique for EcomHunt. In order to get the information about your items from EcomHunt into Shopify, you’ll need to use Oberlo.

This means that Ecomhunt makes it possible to automate the import of products from Oberlo into a Shopify store. And at the moment, they only support Shopify, not WooCommerce.

5. Competitor Analysis

The addition of Shopper Inspection to Intelligynce is ideal. You may also monitor your rivals’ activity with this helpful instrument.

This app does exactly what its name implies by doing an audit of your Shopify store, allowing you to have access to data including social media metrics, product data, app usage statistics, and visitor demographics.

Here you can find the store’s last update date, URL, Shopify theme, daily sales forecast, and Shopify user name.

You may view the shop’s official Facebook page and Twitter feed by clicking on the “social” tab. In addition to becoming inspired, perusing their social media account is a great way to learn more about them and what they’re up to.

And this is a great approach to learning from the social media success of the market leader in your sector and implementing similar strategies.

In addition, the shopkeeper will provide you with information on the goods for sale. You’ll find out how many goods are introduced each month, the top five sellers, and what’s new.

You can also view the apps used by other Shopify stores by going to their store inspector. As such, you are able to view the Shopify applications used by that particular store.

In this approach, you may assess the current state of your store’s applications and add the appropriate software to facilitate your dropshipping operations.

Nevertheless, EcomHunt does not feature this particular instrument. As near as you can go is the Adhunter application (Chrome extension), which allows you to snoop on the advertisements of your competitors.

6. Social Media Ads Hunter & Facebook Ads Library

For starters, both apps provide access to Facebook advertisements, albeit in distinct ways. EcomHunt does not feature Google Ads.

This is an integral part of Intelligynce and may be found in the store inspector instead of being a separate app. It may not be as stealthy as ducking behind the counter, but it serves a similar purpose.

By looking around a business, you may find the most successful advertising.

Also, you can easily adapt this strategy in your shop. The same holds true for Facebook marketing campaigns.

You can examine what kinds of Facebook advertisements are doing well for other Shopify stores and then model your own after the ones that work best.

Adhunter (in-between, a chrome extension) is what it’s called. Adhunter is a programme that allows you to spy on your competitors and analyse how well their advertising is doing.

It’s important to note that Adhunter doesn’t support Google Ads and is only compatible with Facebook advertisements.

In addition to the Adhunter application, EcomHunt provides Facebook advertising targeting to facilitate the process of establishing your advertisements. You don’t have to be a marketing guru to have successful campaigns thanks to ad targeting.

If you use Facebook advertising instead of Google ads for your goods shop, you may never need to use EcomHunt’s Google ads option again.

Ali Inspector

Intelligynce now includes the Ali Inspector. You may use this programme to find out what items are selling well on AliExpress.

The nice aspect is that Ali Inspector comes with its own set of tools already installed. Some of Ali Inspector’s features include the following:

  • A Keyword Tool for Brainstorming New Ideas. 
  • Sales analysis instrument for top-selling products.
  • Market Analysis Software for products.
  • Scrapping Software for Links.

Intelligynce vs EcomHunt: Common Features

Despite the detailed comparison of their features, there remain a number of overlaps between the two applications. You can see several similarities between the two instruments below.

1. Trending Products Tool

This isn’t something you’ll find on a list of product-finding apps, but it does have its benefits.

Intelligynce provides the total number of items sold on AliExpress, and it is quite close to the actual amount.

Sales data from the previous two weeks are analysed. You can see if daily sales are increasing, decreasing, or staying about the same by looking at the product’s predicted sales.

2. Product Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool for increasing traffic and conversions on your dropshipping business. Ratings and comments from customers are crucial to making sales.

But the bad news is that no one will have reviewed your store if it’s brand new. You are not obligated to go down this road.

Intelligynce not only lets you integrate product data but also imports customer reviews from AliExpress.

Similarly to what EcomHunt can accomplish, you can do the same thing. Simply said, you may also bring in customer comments on purchases. In addition, you may import reviews of the product from Aliexpress to your Shopify store by using third-party software.

Intelligynce vs EcomHunt: Pricing Plans

Intelligynce Pricing

Intelligynce Pricing Options

To begin, Intelligynce has three distinct price tiers. The pricing scheme is also designed to encourage you to upgrade to the premium package.

Specifically, you can subscribe to Intelligynce on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis.

The pricing of the monthly plan is $39/month.
The yearly plan is available for a price of $79 each year.
And the price for the lifetime package is $99.

EcomHunt Pricing Plans

There are two tiers of service available on EcomHunt, the free plan and the pro plan. The free plan is always free, but it has fewer options and capabilities.

Ecomhunt Pricing Options

Every day, although 24 hours late, you’ll receive two brand-new goods. To top it all off, it lets you store up to five things for later viewing, which is a lot.

But, you are not granted entry to the Facebook group where seasoned drop shippers can advise you on the best component to sell.

For an extra $28 per month, you may upgrade to the Pro plan. And if you sign up for a year, you may spend just $20 a month. This package provides access to a Facebook group where vendors may network without any limits.

Even better, if you subscribe to Ecomhunt’s yearly plan, you may access all of the site’s features for just $17.

Intelligynce vs EcomHunt: Pros and Cons



  • Compatibility with both Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Contains Ali Inspector as a free added bonus.
  • Plan options are available that provide users access indefinitely.
  • You may check out the competition with the help of the store inspector.
  • A wider variety of filters are available to help you find the hottest items.


  • Poor Facebook ad support is one of its main drawbacks.
  • The upfront costs of the lifetime plan might be high.



  • It’s free to use the service they provide.
  • Supports Facebook advertisements effectively.
  • It provides a fair number of filtering choices.
  • Provides a different method of locating items on the Shopify platform.
  • As a result, you can quickly locate the latest and greatest in consumer goods.


  • Products cannot be imported directly into WooCommerce.

Conclusion On Intelligynce vs EcomHunt

When comparing Intelligynce and EcomHunt side by side, you may find that Intelligynce appears more sturdy.

Yet, EcomHunt will not break the bank and will get you to the bottom of your problem quickly and easily. When compared to intelligynce, they supply the superior product and the necessary advertising materials to advertise it.

If you have the money for it, Intelligynce is a great option; if not, the free plan on Ecomhunt will go very far until you decide to upgrade to the pro plan.

As little as $17 a month in certain cases.

Which one should you pick, then?

If you have any prior experience as a dropshipper, Intelligynce is the way to go. This is because there may be too many options to go through on the UI.

Nonetheless, EcomHunt’s low price and active Facebook network make it an ideal choice for novices. This is now in your court. The path you take is, ultimately, up to you.

After this comprehensive analysis of Intelligynce vs EcomHunt, which option do you plan to pursue? Please share your thoughts with us in the space provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ecomhunt Used For?

Ecomhunt is the best place to find popular and potentially profitable dropshipping items. If all you need to launch your Shopify dropshipping business is a catalogue of goods, this plugin may help you get up and running in no time.

Who Is Ecomhunt Competitor?

This year,,,,, and others have all emerged as some of’s leading rivals.

Who Owns Ecomhunt?

In this video, Mordechai Arba, CEO of Ecomhunt, introduces the company and provides some helpful tips for finding new, trending items quickly. In addition, he suggests five products that would be perfect for you to begin dropshipping immediately.

What Is Intelligynce Chrome Extension All About?

With Intelligynce, you can spy on more than 500,000 Shopify stores and over 2,000,000 goods. For more information, check out 1.2.0.

How To Get Intelligynce Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there is not a free trial available through Intelligynce. Yet for only $29, you can get started with the most fundamental package.