Hostinger Vs GoDaddy: Which Web Hosting Platform Is Good For You(A Comparison) In 2023?

If you are looking for the best hosting provider for your websites, then you are on the right page.

Both Hostinger and GoDaddy India are the most popular web hosting platforms in the industry.

Both of them have amazing features to look out for.

In this Hostinger vs GoDaddy India article, I have come up with a comprehensive comparison of their features, pricing, pros & cons, and more.

This comparison will help you to find out which hosting platform matches all your needs for the website.

So, let’s get started!

Hostinger vs godaddy

Hostinger Vs GoDaddy: Key Differences

In my personal experience, both Hostinger and GoDaddy hosting have differences.

Here I have listed some of the key differences.

  • Features: Hostinger provides outstanding features to its users like free SSL certificates, daily backups, and more, but GoDaddy has few resources only.
  • User interface: When comparing GoDaddy and Hostinger user interfaces, GoDaddy’s interface is too complicated, while Hostinger’s clean, simple design may be more appealing to newcomers.
  • Server Locations: Hostinger has servers in more than 20 countries but GoDaddy has servers in only a few locations.
  • Reliability: GoDaddy doesn’t offer any uptime guarantee at all, but Hostinger provides 99.9% uptime.
  • Domain: When comparing GoDaddy and Hostinger, domain registration isn’t the main draw for GoDaddy, but it is for Hostinger.
Available FeaturesHostingerGoDaddy
Hosting TypeShared, WordPress, cloud, VPSShared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated servers
Free DomainYes, on most plansYes, on all yearly plans
Free SSL CertificateYesOnly on the Maximum plan
Disk Space20GB – 300GB20GB – unlimited
Bandwidth100GB – unmeteredUnmetered
Automatic BackupsYes (weekly)For an extra fee
Control PanelhPanelcPanel
Email Accounts1 on Single, unlimited on all other plans1 Office 365 email on all plans, but it’s only free for the first year
Free CDNYesNo
Free Site MigrationYesNo
Money-Back Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee

Hostinger Overview

Hostinger is a reliable web hosting company which have been in the market since 2004.

Hostinger India Home Page

The company offers affordable services for individuals and small businesses, such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and virtual private server hosting.

With Hostinger’s easy-to-use control panel, you can install content management systems like WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal with just one click.

Hostinger provides services like email hosting, and domain name registration, and also offers free SSL certificates to make sure that online business transactions are safe.

GoDaddy Overview

GoDaddy is the top web hosting and domain registrar in the world. With millions of happy customers and 10 million domains under its services.

It offers everything you need for web hosting, from shared to dedicated servers to website builders, email hosting, and SEO consulting.

GoDaddy also offers a wide range of web design, hosting, email, and online advertising services to help its customers grow their online businesses.

GoDaddy Home Page

Hostinger Vs GoDaddy: Key Features Comparison

Both hostinger and GoDaddy have various amazing features to look out for. But they have a lot of differences too.

Here in this part of the article, I have one in-depth comparison of key features.

  1. Security
  2. Page Speed
  3. Performance
  4. Support

1. Security

Hostinger offers consumers free SSL certificates, which encrypt data and make sure that visitors and the website can send and receive data safely.

Hostinger also has a web application firewall (WAF) that protects websites from bad traffic and stops attacks before they reach the server.

On the other hand, GoDaddy has several security features, such as SiteLock and a web application firewall that focuses on security.

SiteLock checks websites for bugs and malware, and if it finds any, it lets users know. GoDaddy also has DDoS protection, which keeps websites from being shut down by distributed denial-of-service attacks.

2. Page Speed

When it comes to how long pages take to load, Hosinger and GoDaddy are very different. Hostinger is proud of how fast its servers are. These servers have been tuned to be fast and reliable.

They use cutting-edge techs like HTTP/2 and PHP 7 to make sure that pages load very quickly. On the other hand, Hosinger’s website loads faster than GoDaddy’s.

Over the years, their page load times have gotten a little faster, but they still need to do some optimization work. People who need a fast, responsive website have said that GoDaddy hosting makes page loads take too long.

If how quickly your pages load is most important to you, then Hostinger is probably the better choice.

3. Performance

With servers all over the world, Hosinger can offer lightning-fast page loads and almost 100% uptime.

Modern technologies like solid-state drives (SSDs) and hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP/2) are also used to ensure top performance.

Other hand  GoDaddy offers a wide range of hosting options, such as shared and dedicated servers. However, the quality of their service varies greatly.  

Both companies have their pros and cons, but businesses and people who care most about how quickly and reliably a website works will likely find Hosinger to be the better choice.

4. Support

When you contact Hostinger, you’ll get quick, helpful help with the goal of getting your problem fixed quickly. The company offers several ways for customers to get help, such as 24/7 customer support, live chat, email, and a ticketing system.

Customers can also use Hostinger’s large knowledge library, which is full of helpful articles and tutorials, to solve their problems.

On another hand, GoDaddy also offers 24/7 customer support, live chat, and more to its users, but Customers are criticizing GoDaddy for its poor response.

Hostinger Vs GoDaddy: Pricing

Both Hostinger and GoDaddy offer a wide range of pricing options. GoDaddy is more expensive as compared to Hostinger Pricing plans.

Hostinger pricing plans

Hostinger offers mainly 4 different Hosting options.

  1. Web hosting(shared)
  2. Cloud hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Business email
Hostinger india pricing page

Hostinger India hosting costs start at INR 69 per month for a Single web hosting, INR 149 per month for a Premium Web hosting plan, and INR 269 per month for a Business web hosting plan. It offers up to 83% off on Hostinger’s web hosting plans.

GoDaddy Pricing Plan

GoDaddy has mainly 6 different hosting options.

  1. Web hosting
  2. Web hosting plus
  3. Windows Hosting
  4. WordPress Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting
  6. Dedicated servers
GoDaddy India Hosting plans

GoDaddy India hosting costs start at INR 119 per month for the Starter plan, INR 219 per month for the Economy plan, INR 299 per month for the Deluxe plan, and INR 399 per month for the Ultimate plan. It offers also 60% off on its web hosting pricing plans.

Generally, GoDaddy has higher prices than Hostinger India since it offers fewer features of a higher quality to its customers.


Overall, If you want a reliable web host, you can’t go wrong with either Hostinger or GoDaddy. When we look at the pros and cons of each, however, Hostinger comes out on top.

Hostinger’s plans are cheaper, its uptime is more reliable, its pages load faster, and its customer service is the best. Also, Hostinger gives you a wider range of tools and functions for making and managing websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hostinger good for India?

 Hostinger is one of the best places to register a domain and host a website. After using service providers, I’m happy with hostinger.

Which hosting is better than Hostinger?

Like any service, Bluehost and Hostinger each have pros and cons that are balanced out by the features of the other. In conclusion, Hostinger is your best option if you want cheap prices and fast page loads. But Bluehost is your best bet if you need unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and websites, or if you just want better help.

Can I trust Hostinger?

Off course, Yes. Hostinger is a well-known and reliable host. Their platform is easy to use and cheap, which has helped millions of people start their first businesses and websites.