CrocoBlock Review In 2023: Does It Worth It?

Searching for the best plugin for your WordPress websites, then no go further.

Plugins are designed to be interchangeable and easy to install and remove. They allow users to modify the functionality of already installed software without having to completely reinstall it.

CrocoBlock is a collection of plugins that work in tandem with Elementor to allow you to create stunning websites.

In this CrocoBlock review article, I have done a comprehensive analysis of its features, pricing, pros & cons, and more.

CrocoBlock Review

What Is CrocoBlock?

CrocoBlock is an indispensable set of plugins for WordPress users when it comes to creating visually appealing websites.

Crocoblock Website

Your WordPress site’s performance and visual appeal can both be improved with the help of the many available plugins and extensions.

CrocoBlock integrates well with Elementor, which is a significant benefit given that Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for creating custom page layouts.

CrocoBlock provides a number of extensions for Elementor that make it simple to make dynamic and interesting websites.

Widgets, layouts, and pop-up creation toolkits are just a few of the extras available.

CrocoBlock’s adaptability is one of its greatest assets. It can be used by programmers of all skill levels due to the wide range of resources and tools available.

CrocoBlock offers a collection of pre-designed themes and blocks that make it simple for WordPress newcomers to create polished web content.

CrocoBlock’s powerful features enable even inexperienced users to create designs that are both unique and complex.

CrocoBlock Review: CrocoBlock Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Ease of useExpensive
WooCommerce integration
Designed beautiful templates
Unique Plugin Bundle
Excellent customer support

CrocoBlock Review: Key Features

CrocoBlock has great features to look out for. Here I have described some of the key aspects.

  1. Customization
  2. JetPlugin
  3. Unique Content
  4. Performance Optimization
  5. Pre-designed templates
  6. WooCommerece Integration

1. Customization

Users of CrocoBlock can easily change both the way their websites look and how they work.

Users can make unique designs and layouts for their websites by using the drag-and-drop visual editor and the many style options that come with the toolkit.

2. JetPlugin

CrocoBlock JetPlugin, making it simple to create websites that look like they were created by experts.

This plugin offers a huge selection of pre-made widgets and page layouts to make it easy for users to get started straight away.

With the aid of JetPlugin, dynamic content such as price tables, maps, and blog posts may all be added to a website.

The list of goodies this plugin offers is enormous and includes features like video backgrounds, animation effects, and parallax scrolling.

With the help of the flexible and user-friendly CrocoBlock JetPlugin, any web designer, regardless of experience level, can construct a website of high quality.

3. Unique Content

The CrocoBlock JetEngine plugin allows users to create dynamic unique content with features like custom post types, taxonomies, and custom fields.

Using this, users may create more complex websites with more advanced features.

4. Performance Optimization

When the CrocoBlock toolkit is used to make a website, the site will be quick and responsive because the toolkit has been tuned for performance.

The toolkit comes with a number of optimization features, such as lazy loading, picture optimization, and more.

5. Pre-Designed Templates

CrocoBlock provides access to a large library including pre-designed templates for a wide variety of websites, such as online businesses, blogs, portfolios, and many more.

CrocoBlock also allows users to customize the appearance of the templates to their liking.

6. WooCommerece Integration

CrocoBlock is compatible with WooCommerce, the most widely used online store plugin for WordPress.

Crocoblock WooCommerce integration

JetWooBuilder allows its users to design their own storefronts, shopping carts, and other pages.

How Can I Edit Content Using Crocoblock?

When you’re building a website, you might get an idea that makes you want to add more content to the pages you already have or make new pages with different content.

You can get a lot of plugins for this through the Crocoblock subscription service.

You get JetAppointments, JetThemeCore, JetStyleManager, JetBooking, JetBlocks, JetTricks, JetReviews, JetTabs, JetMenu, JetWooBuilder, JetSmartFilters, JetPopup, JetSmartGallery, JetCompareWishlist, JetSearch, JetBlog, JetElements, and JetEngine.

  1. JetBlog
  2. JetTabs
  3. JetBlocks
  4. JetElements
  5. JetReviews
  6. JetTricks

1. JetBlog

With this plugin, it’s easy to add content that changes over time to your websites. There are widgets like Smart List and Smart Tiles that make it easy to add new information.

Crocoblock JetBlog Plugin

This means that the page’s content will automatically change as new entries are added. It also comes with custom fields and an easy way to make query posts.

2. JetTabs

Crocoblock JetTaps is a powerful and flexible plugin that can help you take your website to the next level.

Crocoblock JetTabs Plugin

JetTaps gives you everything you need to make your website the best it can be, whether that means adding unique popups, eye-catching effects, or better navigation.

Crocoblock JetTaps is a must-have plugin for any website owner who wants to make their site more interesting and dynamic. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features make it a great choice.

3. JetBlocks

With this plugin, you’ll be able to make headers and footers that are all your own. To add elements like login/registration/search/WooCommerce carts/carts/hamburger menus/etc.

to the headers/footers, just drag and drop the element into place.

Crocoblock JetBlocks Plugin

Sticky blocks are supported by JetBlocks, which means you can make a sticky header for any theme at any time.

4. JetElements

JetElements is one of the Elementor plugins that people use the most. This plugin comes with more than thirty useful widgets that can be used with the Elementor page builder.

Crocoblock JetElements Plugin

The content modules in JetElements can be used to make anything from complex maps to WooCommerce elements to price tables. A parallax effect can be added to the layouts, and they can be animated.

5. JetReviews

CrocoBlock JetReviews lets customers do things like show reviews in different formats and styles and add multiple review criteria and ratings for each product or service, all based on their preferences.

Crocoblock JetReview

JetReviews not only collects reviews and ratings from visitors, but it also has a comment system where people can say what they think.

The plugin also lets users import reviews from other websites and connects to popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce.

6. JetTricks

This plugin creates the stunning visual effects you can use on Elementor pages even better.

Crocoblock JetTricks Plugin

It has a large library of visual effects, such as animated tooltips, parallax effects for widgets, section particles, and many other fun features that make the design of the website more interesting and lively.

CrocoBlock Pricing Plans

Mainly CrocoBlock has 4 different pricing options.

  1. Custom plan
  2. All-Inclusive pan
  3. Freelance Lifetime
  4. Lifetime
Crocoblock pricing deals

Custom Plan

All custom subscriptions come with one year of product updates and one year of zoon/ticket support for one plugin on one site.

All-inclusive Plan

An all-inclusive annual subscription costs $199 and lets you make a website with 20 plugins, 12 dynamic templates, 47 design templates, and 50 interactive pop-ups (updates and maintenance included).

Freelance Lifetime Plan

The Freelance Lifetime plan costs $ 750 for a lifetime membership. This plan doesn’t limit how many sites you can use and doesn’t need to be updated.

All plugins, all dynamic templates, all design templates, all pop-ups, and all upgrades and support are included for life.

Crocoblock is always giving its users the best deals and special offers. Check out our article to get a Crocoblock discount code.

Lifetime Plan

The CrocoBlock lifetime plan costs $999 for once in a lifetime.

The lifetime plan includes the premium themes and templates that Crocoblock has made for fields like e-commerce, education, and real estate.

CrocoBlock Customer Support

Crocolock has excellent support for people who use it. Crocoblock’s customer service can be reached through email, live chat, and a long list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Crocoblock Help Center

Their support team is available all the time, so you can contact them whenever you want.

Two things that make Crocoblock stand out are how quickly and accurately it answers questions. The customer service team is not only knowledgeable and friendly, but they also answer questions quickly.

The customer service team at Crocoblock is known for being knowledgeable in both technical and non-technical areas. If you have any questions about their products or want suggestions that fit your needs, they would be happy to help you.

What Are CrocoBlock Alternatives?

1. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Website

Thrive Architect is a robust and easy-to-use WordPress page builder that makes it easy to make landing pages, sales pages, opt-in sites, and more that look good and work well.

Thrive Architect gives bloggers, online business owners, and marketers everything they need to make beautiful landing pages that increase conversions and grow their businesses.

The drag-and-drop interface of Thrive Architect is a powerful tool that makes it easy to make unique page layouts with little time and technical knowledge. You can use one of the templates that are already there, or you can make your own from scratch.

You can make visually appealing and interactive webpages with the Thrive Architect’s content blocks and elements, such as buttons, photos, text, and forms.

You have full control over how your page looks and feels, right down to the font size and color scheme.

2. Divi Builder

Even though CrocoBlock has a lot of useful tools, some users might prefer to use software with a more user-friendly interface. Divi Builder is a great choice if you don’t want to use CrocoBlock.

Divi builder page

Using the drag-and-drop page builder plugin Divi Builder, WordPress users can make their own designs and layouts for their websites.

Divi Builder has a visual interface that is easy to use and lets you make beautiful designs. Divi Builder, on the other hand, makes building websites easier and more efficient.

One of the best things about Divi Builder is its library of pre-built templates, which lets users make high-quality websites quickly and easily.

These themes are good for a wide range of businesses, from online stores to personal portfolios to advertising firms. This makes it easier for the user to find a template that fits his or her needs and then change the template to fit the user’s preferences.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is mostly about building pages, and it has a lot of useful features and works with a lot of plugins. But Elementor Pro can be a great substitute for CrocoBlock for those who are looking for it.

Elementor website

One of the best things about Elementor Pro is how easy it is to use. Its easy-to-use design and drag-and-drop interface make it easy for even people with no experience to make websites that look professional.

Elementor Pro also comes with a lot of templates, blocks, and widgets that you can use as they are or change to fit your needs.

The fact that Elementor Pro can be changed is also a benefit. Unlike CrocoBlock, Elementor Pro is mostly a page builder, so it can be used with a wide range of plugins, widgets, and themes.

Because it is flexible, users can change how their website looks and how it works to suit their own needs by installing a new theme or plugin.

Conclusion: CrocoBlock Review

CrocoBlock is a set of plugins that can be changed in a lot of ways.

This means that even if there isn’t a template that fits your project exactly, you should still be able to make a website that fits your vision with this package. CrocoBlock lets you change a lot about how your website looks and feels.

Since the Crocoblock templates and tools are based on the Elementor page builder, anyone should be able to use the Crocoblock package to make their website unique.

The Crocoblock team has made some great new Elementor modules that make this very powerful visual page builder even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crocoblocks worth it?

CrocoBlock is also a very cost-effective solution because its features can be added easily as separate modules. Elementor is getting more and more features as time goes on. If you make websites with Elementor, you should check out CrocoBlock.

What is Crocoblock used for?

Crocoblock is a set of tools for making dynamic websites with the help of the Elementor page builder and the WordPress Block editor. It’s a good idea that knows how to keep people interested. It has more than 21,000 people in its Facebook group who are always willing to help out a fellow programmer in need.

Is Crocoblock free?

Subscriptions to Crocoblock can be either yearly or permanent. They are a type of annual subscription. A Membership Plan for One Plugin. You can buy each plugin or a combination of plugins that you need separately.

Do I need Elementor Pro for Crocoblock?

Crocoblock has been great because you can easily use only the features you need or that Elementor Pro doesn’t have. So, if you make things with Elementor, you should have access to both of these tools. People have asked, “Is Elementor bad for SEO?” ever since page builders came out in general. Basically, the answer is “no.” In no way.

What theme is Crocoblock compatible with?

Crocoblock is compatible with Elementor Welcome Theme, OceanWP, Astra, Blocksy, and GeneratePress, among other WordPress themes.