Adplexity Review In 2023: Is It Legit Ad Spying Tool?

In this Adplexity Review, I will discuss why you should give this a try! AdPlexity, the newest intelligence product that launched today, may help you increase your revenues.

Just by spying on your rivals’ profitable e-commerce items and stores, you can get a step ahead of them. A product may make or ruin an e-commerce shop, as we all know.

Adplexity Review

And finding items that generate revenue and have a high return on investment is unusual and tough to do manually. As a result, we’ll need to keep an eye on our competition’s best-selling items to see which ones are presently generating sales and conversions.

You’ll go through the many features of AdPlexity and an in-depth AdPlexity review. Let’s get started!

What Is AdPlexity?

AdPlexity is one of the greatest affiliate marketing spy tools that are available, in simple terms. It has a massive feature set, but they all revolve around giving important insights from marketing efforts all around the world.

AdPlexity Home Page

AdPlexity gives you access to a wealth of information on millions of advertisements from dozens of countries. Straight from the platform, you may look up and download promotional materials.

This applies to both banner advertisements and full landing pages. In addition, you’ll be able to view particular offers and ad networks from over 70 nations and thousands of marketplaces.

The fact that AdPlexity is compatible with mobile, computer, native, touch, and other common campaign types may be its finest feature.

As a result, rather than juggling two or more tools, you can rely on a single platform and obtain your data straight from a trusted source.

Furthermore, all data is immediately accessible, allowing you to track your ad’s success and monitor user activity down to the minute for optimum accuracy.

Furthermore, AdPlexity was created in such a manner that you may see the most successful campaigns across a wide range of sectors. You may explore hundreds of networks’ offers, as well as download all of the creative pieces in format.

Adplexity Review: Pros And Cons

Here’s a quick rundown of where the Adplexity tool succeeds and where it doesn’t:


  • One of the most comprehensive databases available
  • The user interface is simple to use
  • Search criteria that are extensive, comprehensive, and minute
  • Data that is updated in real-time
  • Prices are available for bidding
  • AdPlexity Native gives you instant access to detailed information on the most successful native advertising initiatives
  • Desktop Adplexity obtains detailed information on the most recent successful desktop campaigns from a variety of desktop traffic sources
  • You’ll have access to all of the most crucial information about effective mobile advertising
  • AdPlexity displays advertisements from the most popular mobile apps


  • It does not provide a free trial.
  • Newbies should provide in-depth guides on their goods.
  • More cost-effective pricing alternatives are required.
  • The support time has to be improved.

Features Offered By AdPlexity 

Following are some great features provided by Adplexity:

  1. Product Strength
  2. Historical Price Changes
  3. Exact Product Information
  4. Similar Products

1. Product Strength

You’ll learn which items are popular and which are quickly becoming obsolete. You will learn about a product’s product strength.

You will learn about the product’s strength, which is entirely dependent on the information provided by visitors/buyers.

2. Historical Price Changes

This tool allows you to quickly determine the historical price increase of any product, which is a crucial aspect of any e-commerce shop. Look over everything they’ve tried and make sure you don’t make any expensive blunders.

3. Exact Product Information

Simply look at the date the product was introduced, as well as the product description and other details such as when it was last advertised and so on.

4. Similar Products

Simply look at the successful items in the comparable products area, as well as many other things.

AdPlexity Products Explained: How Do Get Competitors’ Ads Display?

Now that we’ve gone over some of AdPlexity’s key benefits and features, it’s time to go further into the platform itself.

AdPlexity’s team has divided the platform into different components that you may purchase separately, instead of integrating all of its capabilities into one comprehensive package.

AdPlexity’s many intelligence tools are subject to adaptation in response to new consumer trends. In fact, the firm is continuously doing research and developing new features to provide advertisers with more information.

AdPlexity had 7 distinct tools accessible at the time of writing this post, so you may pick and choose whatever capabilities you wish to include in your tracker.

Let’s break down all the powerful tools offered by Adplexity.

  1. AdPlexity Desktop
  2. AdPlexity Mobile
  3. AdPlexity Native Ads
  4. AdPlexity Push Notification Ads
  5. AdPlexity E-Commerce
  6. AdPlexity Carriers
  7. AdPlexity API

1. AdPlexity Desktop

The AdPlexity platform’s desktop version is the most basic. This solution was created to help you find profitable desktop campaigns in a couple of minutes.

adplexity Desktop

You can go through all of the current campaigns, filter out the best performers, and discover precisely what they’re doing with their advertisements.

How to Analyze Every Piece of the Campaign With Adplexity

You may do searches by channels, advertisers, publications, placement, and more after registering on the platform.

All you have to do is choose the sort of search you want to run, enter the phrase you want to find, and apply filters.

It’s worth noting that you may narrow down your search results by device kind, location, affiliate system, and even data source.

2. AdPlexity Mobile

On a worldwide basis, mobile is currently the most popular mode of communication, and for good reason. It’s no mystery that smartphones have been more popular since their introduction.

This, along with the fact that carriers all over the world are now delivering lightning-fast connectivity at a reasonable price, has unleashed the mobile revolution.

This implies that affiliates, regardless of the nation tiers in which they specialize, must be well-equipped to take full advantage of this worldwide phenomenon.

adplexity mobile Analyze Campaign

You may get detailed information about your rivals’ most profitable smartphone campaigns with AdPlexity Mobile.

3. AdPlexity Native Ads

Native advertising has taken the marketing industry by storm because it allows you to offer excellent information to your target audience without evoking negative feelings.

You can follow rival campaigns in far more than 30 nations (and increasing!) with AdPlexity Native, and find out which native networking and external links the top affiliates utilize.

adplexity native review

This marketing intelligence platform, like other forms of advertising, gives you access to all the information about the most popular native campaigns.

This contains both the tracker and the source of the native traffic, allowing you to model your campaign after the top performers.

4. AdPlexity Push Notification Ads

Push notifications advertising, like native ads, has become a mainstay in any affiliate’s arsenal. Because they convey your marketing strategy like any other device notification, display ads are simple yet clever.

adplexity push review

Users are extremely responsive and interested while interacting with your advertising, instead of scoffing and shutting off your material.

Remember that push notifications behave differently on desktop and mobile devices, so you’ll need to look at each type of campaign independently.

AdPlexity delivers push notification statistics for over 80 countries, and you may pick whether you want to receive smartphone or desktop traffic.

adplexity push spy

5. AdPlexity E-Commerce

A number of monetization strategies are available to affiliates and digital marketers in particular. Affiliates may utilize AdPlexity e-Commerce to find out which goods are providing the best results for rivals, rather than just operating a publishing site.

AdPlexity E-Commerce

This platform is one of the largest in terms of database size, with more than 70 million goods coming from over 10,000 online retailers across the world.

Additional software, such as shopping trolley solutions and homepage builders, is frequently used by e-commerce companies. AdPlexity e-Commerce can display to you all of your competitors‘ Ads, technology stacks, as well as product popularity ratings.

6. AdPlexity Carriers

Some years ago, the ability of a mobile carrier to analyze traffic was more of a luxury function than a need. Mobile devices now account for the vast bulk of internet traffic on a worldwide basis.

adplexity carriers

It’s increasingly essential to have an intelligence platform that can deconstruct competitor mobile ads, particularly if you’re targeting locations where consumers spend hours per day on their cell phones while linked to their phone carrier.

AdPlexity Carriers is entirely dedicated to evaluating campaigns that occur through mobile carrier networks. Because publishers must modify their content for somewhat slower connections, these ads differ from conventional mobile campaigns.

7. AdPlexity API

The system’s API gives you complete control over the services you want to use and how you want to include them in your monetization strategy.

You can view the most effective traffic sources, and ad formats and customize filtering options to find content by keyword, sponsor, network, publication, and more.

The AdPlexity API can analyze material from over 75 nations and is compatible with all major platforms, including iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.

This is the ideal choice for marketers looking for a large-scale, customized alternative, with over 100 affiliate networks and many ad exchanges accessible.

Adplexity Pricing Plans

Here are all the pricing plans offered by Adplexity:

AdPlexity Mobile

For per user, AdPlexity Mobile costs $199 per month

adplexity mobile pricing

AdPlexity Desktop

For a per-user, AdPlexity Desktop costs $199 per month

AdPlexity Desktop pricing

AdPlexity Native

Per user, AdPlexity Native costs $249 per month

AdPlexity native pricing

AdPlexity Push

For per user, AdPlexity Push costs $149 per month

AdPlexity Push pricing

AdPlexity E-Commerce

For per user, AdPlexity e-Commerce costs $199 per month

adplexity ecommerce pricing

AdPlexity Audit

For per user, AdPlexity Adult costs $199 per month

AdPlexity Coupon Code

AdPlexity offers six separate e-commerce and affiliate marketing solutions, each with a different set of data. AdPlexity provides six distinct tools, each with its own set of prices.

They’re now giving a lifetime discount on all of their products, which you can use at checkout with the Adplexity Coupon and Promo code. You will get a clear idea by looking at the list below:

  • Get a 10% lifetime discount on AdPlexity Push for $129 
  • Get a 25% lifetime discount on AdPlexity Mobile for $149
  • Get a 25% lifetime discount on AdPlexity Desktop for $149
  • Get a 30% lifetime discount on AdPlexity Native for $169
  • Get a 25% lifetime discount on AdPlexity Ecomm for $149
  • Get a 10% lifetime discount on AdPlexity Carriers for $129 

Why Work With AdPlexity?

AdPlexity has a solid reputation as a highly trustworthy, accurate, and effective marketing intelligence tool.

A significant number of prominent ad networks, affiliate networks, writers, and advertisers from all over the world use the platform.

AdPlexity product that sells page

In summary, the team behind AdPlexity has struck the right mix between a strong engine, sophisticated architecture, and user-friendly UI that dramatically shortens the training time.

This marketing intelligence system also delivers real-time data, allowing you to watch the success of your advertising down to the minute and make changes to your campaign at any moment.

You may have access to a database of 75+ nations, as well as the ability to download landing pages, creative types, and other ad components with a single click, based on the solution you choose.

AdPlexity Customer Support

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional coach who’s worked with a variety of platforms before; everyone requires technical assistance at some point.

The excellent thing is that AdPlexity has a strong support network that is accessible 24×7 and 365 days a year to the platform’s users.

Customers can contact the customer care department by email or a toll-free phone number. If you have any feedback or issues that aren’t essential, you may send an email to the firm and expect a response within 24 hours.

Furthermore, if you have a technical problem that requires quick attention, the customer care staff is available via phone.

Please remember that while the support number is toll-free in some locations, you might just have to pay a fee if you call from elsewhere in these areas.

Adplexity Alternatives Tools

Let’s find out some of the best alternatives to Adplexity.


This is a spy tool that gathers detailed information about rivals’ advertisements and presents it in an easy-to-understand style so you can make smarter marketing decisions.

whatRunsWhere Home Page

The material is current and up-to-date, but you may also receive information that is up to five years old.

This platform’s digital intelligence allows you to spend your money wisely and effectively, allowing your company to flourish.

It also allows you to view the best-performing creatives in your niche or industry, uncover winning campaigns to help you plan your strategy, and discover new traffic sources.

You’ll also be able to reach a bigger audience while remaining current on the competition’s strategy and important trends.



This tool is meant to assist display and PPV marketers in locating advertisements, networks, landing sites, and advertisers.

It provides up-to-date information on current advertising and landing sites through a user-friendly interface, as well as video tutorials to learn more about how to utilize it.

BoxofAds provides competitive analytics for digital marketers throughout the world, tracking over six million advertisements.

The information includes the landing sites your rivals are using, the keywords they’re targeting, the items they’re advertising, the length of time their advertisements were online, and the PPV network they’re utilizing.

You may use a demo on their webpage to try out the service for free. Although the findings are restricted, you do get a fascinating feature that allows you to see real-time outcomes.

Its user interface is straightforward and pleasant to use, as well as easy to understand, and the search function is robust, making it simple to find accessible display networks and PPVs.

The program has over 3 million advertisements in its database, so you can browse through all of them for campaign ideas and landing pages to utilize to create your own. It also allows you to look for specific offers while identifying targets that your rivals are using.


SpyFu is a keyword-targeted espionage tool as well. It provides information that may be used to make educated decisions, with global search and click-through rates being two of the most important outcomes.


You can also utilize URL search to obtain a broad idea of how much organic traffic is produced and how many sponsored keywords a URL employs.

SpyFu reveals the search marketing secrets of your most successful rivals, as well as allows you to search for any site and see where it appears on Google.

You’ll also be able to view every term they’ve purchased on Adwords in the previous decade, as well as ad variants and organic rankings.

As a result, you can improve site traffic by using its smart suggestions to drive clicks to Adwords and SEO campaigns, as well as track your paid and organic search engine rankings. You may also improve your relationships by employing accurate contact information to create collaborations and generate sales leads.


Anstrex (Analyze, Strategize, and Execute) is a famous traditional ad spying tool used by websites and entrepreneurs to spy on native advertising that their rivals are running online.

anstrex home page

It may help you keep one step ahead of your competitors by snooping on their most successful native advertisements and researching current industry trends to enhance your return on investment.

Through monitors that provide 200 networks to spy on with their most successful strategies, this service helps you track affiliate marketing employed by competitors in your niche.

It has an Affiliate Offer Wall where you can evaluate campaigns and get profitable data from over 27 networks and 58,000 advertisers across 15 countries.

Conclusion On Adplexity Review

Yes, AdPlexity is a fantastic all-in-one solution that delivers accurate statistics and a suite of features aimed at assisting all parties involved in the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

AdPlexity is the ideal addition to any marketer’s arsenal, with a user-friendly interface, a database that spans hundreds of web pages, and the ability to monitor ad trends, devices targeted, and other statistics.

Publishers, marketers, and networks frequently struggle to locate an analytics solution that has all of the capabilities they want. AdPlexity has risen to the top of the market because it offers all of the information that each stakeholder requires to guarantee that their monetization process is as efficient as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AdPlexity Legit?

AdPlexity is a market-leading ad spy solution that is both trustworthy and thorough. It assists you in making smarter marketing decisions by assisting you in discovering effective ad campaigns from across the world. It collects information from over 75 nations and every significant corporation.

Is AdPlexity Accurate?

The reliability of the platform is among the most crucial factors to consider before deciding on a tracker. AdPlexity is a robust internal structure that uses a number of ways to ensure that its findings are accurate.

Is An AdPlexity Free Trial Available?

AdPlexity costs vary based on which solutions you choose. The prices for AdPlexity Mobile, Native, Push, and other tools are all different. As a result, your monthly expenses might be as low as a few hundred dollars. Stakeholders who want all the platform’s functions may have to spend thousands of dollars, but they will be able to raise their revenues tenfold at the same time.

How Is AdPlexity Better Than The Other Tools?

When it comes to advertising intelligence platforms, there are hundreds of alternatives, but not all of them provide high-quality functionality. AdPlexity is known for being one of the most complete marketing intelligence solutions for the affiliate marketing business. The platform offers data from dozens of nations as well as a variety of ad styles, making it a popular choice among affiliates all around the world. And with excellent customer support makes it an excellent choice for both new and experienced affiliates.

Which Platforms Are Supported By AdPlexity?

It’s worth noting that the AdPlexity team is always striving to introduce more platforms, functionality, and GEOs. AdPlexity does, however, support mobile, push, desktop, native, and e-commerce traffic. You may use the platform’s API to integrate it into your advertising scheme as you like.

In Which Countries Is AdPlexity Available?

The list of nations and areas covered by AdPlexity includes, but is not restricted to, the following: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam.