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Adplexity Alternatives

Are you a Dropshipper or Affiliate marketer looking for the best ad spy tools? Great!

Because you won’t have to look much further for your spying requirements than right here in this Adplexity Alternatives article.

So let’s learn about the complexity and the Best Adplexity Alternatives tools in order to avoid the time-consuming and expensive tool hassle anymore.

What Is AdPlexity?

AdPlexity is the appropriate option for you if you want to level up your advertising efforts and completely dominate the competition.

AdPlexity Home Page

If you’d want to learn more about Adplexity and its features, including its pros and cons, you can do so by reading our in-depth Adplexity review.

After loading the webpage, you’ll be presented with many options. Choose one to proceed.

Choose from Enterprise, Mobile, Carriers, Desktop, E-commerce, Native, and Push. In all but two cases (E-commerce and Native), all of the available options provide the same set of capabilities.

Affiliate networks, keywords, publishers, and advertisers can be used as filters to quickly locate and identify desired campaigns. The service’s analysis capabilities simplify the process of dissecting the entire campaign.

AD Trend, Publishers, Traffic Sources, and Targeted Devices are some of the characteristics. Discover all Campaigns, check out the Affiliate Network and Tracking Tool, and save a copy of every Landing Page and Outgoing URL you create using these other helpful tools.

Considering these features, it’s safe to claim that AdPlexity is the best option for those who want to reach the top.

7 Best Adplexity Alternatives And Competitors

So, let’s have a look at the list of the seven top alternatives to Adplexity and competitors in the market that offer a variety of pricing levels and a wealth of useful features.

1. Anstrex

Anstrex is an ad intelligence platform. It is used used to monitor native ad campaigns and push notification advertising.

Anstrex Home Page

Unique features include the ability to save screenshots of ad landing pages, advanced searching, and the use of numerous Boolean filters and operators.

In addition to its other features, such as a reverse image search that will bring up a plethora of viral photos, and superior data reporting, it also has a reverse image search.

Native, Push, and Dropship are the three products that Anstrex provides.

Anstrex Pricing: The monthly price ranges from $39,99 to $59.99, based on the features.

2. AdspyHub

AdspyHub is a popular Facebook ad spying tool that provides you with high-quality free data management resources. You can use it to zero in on your preferred spy tool from among the many available, such as well-known specialised espionage tools and advertising surveillance software.

AdspyHub Home Page

AdspyHub doesn’t just focus on Facebook; it also monitors social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

You can learn a lot about your direct and indirect competitors’ keyword and ad strategies with the help of our competition tracking tool. BigBigAds, BigSpy, and FindNiche are just a few of the free tools it offers.

There are many other official tools available as well, such as Ad Manager, Ad Library, Audience Insights, and more. Relevant areas include YouTube’s Influencer Marketing, Developers, Learning Academy, Creative Tools, Trends, Ad Library, Analytics, FindNiche, Ads-report, and so on.

AdspyHub Pricing: You may get your hands on this highly effective Spy Gadget for $149 a month. However, a one-month trial is available for $99.00 USD, followed by $149 USD monthly payments.

You may be hesitant to sign up for such expensive plans after seeing the prices, but you’ll be pleasantly delighted to know that Adplexity provides a massive discount of 30% off its subscriptions. To learn more, read our comprehensive review of the AdPlexity Coupon.

3. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy helps you quickly expand your email list by providing detailed information about the advertising campaigns, keyword and domain performance, and audience demographics of your advertising competitors.

PowerAdSpy Home Page

Users can make substantial gains without risking their capital on ineffective ad testing. PowerAdSpy functions in only three simple steps: selecting a target demographic, copying and pasting the ad code into your website, and checking out the results.

You can see current and previous campaigns, results, and landing pages from online advertisers after entering your target audience filters (audience, age, competition, and keywords).

Save money by emulating successful advertisements instead of continuing to fund unsuccessful ones.

PowerAdSpy Pricing: To gain insight into your competitor’s advertising strategies, try using PowerAdSpy, a free Facebook advertisements spy tool.

4. Social Ad Scout

If you want to snoop on social ads and view millions of samples of social ads from around the world, Social Ad Scout is the tool for you.

Social Ad Scout Home Page

Comprehensive search filters, in-depth observations, pinpoint targeting information, real-time ad engagement, downloadable landing pages, and landing page specifics are just a few of the tools at your disposal for stress-free project management.

millions of social adverts from over 20 countries (including the US, UK, Austria, Brazil, Singapore, Poland, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany).

Some of its most striking characteristics are supported for both desktop and mobile ads, a wide variety of ad formats, a permanent archive of ads, instant, real-time updates, links to genuine ads, home IP addresses, targeting overviews, and a lightning-fast interface.

Social Ad Scout Pricing:

  • The Social Ad Scout Agency Plan is great for medium-sized teams and businesses.
  • Pricing for this plan is $127 monthly for each user, with a maximum of two users allowed per subscription.
  • If you need more than two users, you can get a bespoke package at $97 per month per user (a savings of $50 per month).

5. AdSpy

One of the largest collections of Instagram and Facebook advertisements available for research is housed in AdSpy. Powerful software encourages advertising industry leaders to think outside the box and holds social media companies accountable for the material they publish.

AdSpy Home Page

Users can find interesting new campaigns, save money on A/B testing, sort advertisements by importance, keep tabs on rival companies’ product names, and investigate promising new markets.

With its cutting-edge features and convenient data-search capabilities, releasing the adverts you need to view is a breeze.

Full search data from all major search engines gives you command of the most rapidly expanding online advertising networks.

AdSpy Pricing: AdSpy’s pricing is clear and fair. It provides virtually unlimited usage at only $149 per month!

6. BigSpy

BigSpy is a free ad locator, ad-spy, and ad library tool that can efficiently spy on competitors’ advertising and other methods across a wide range of social and internet networks, including YouTube, AdMob, Facebook, and others.

BigSpy Home Page

Use this ad spy software for your SEO, consulting, and other marketing needs.

Effective search, exploration, and download of interesting ad materials allow users to efficiently find and use relevant resources as a source of inspiration for new and existing advertising campaigns.

ATP Software, Neil Patel, Thanh, Adam, Akash, Thanh, Melnick, Brain, Alok, and many others recommend it. A number of viable BigSpy substitutes are provided below, each of which should prove useful in achieving your desired level of ad tracking and ad spying.

BigSpy Pricing: Of BigSpy’s three pricing tiers, the cheapest is the Basic plan, which costs only $6.00 per month. Premium Service is available for $69.00 monthly. You may have VIP treatment at your business for $199 a month.

7. SocialPeta

When it comes to spying on the creative marketing of competitors, few services can compare to SocialPeta‘s depth and breadth.

SocialPeta Home Page

The tool allows users to keep tabs on ad metrics from rival companies and gain knowledge about the most successful ad networks, advertisers, and publishers.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Unity, Instagram, and millions of other forms of popular media are all effectively covered, along with 69 other countries and 70 more major networks.

Data, network, material, text, and other multi-dimensional analyses from over 5 million global advertisers reveal market dynamics.

If you want your firm to expand as much as possible and generate more money, then you should use standard promotional methods.

SocialPeta Pricing: Anyone interested in learning more about what SocialPeta has to offer can sign up for a free three-day trial. The trial period does have restrictions, but the tool’s fundamentals are still easily grasped. After your trial with SocialPeta is over, a sales representative will contact you to discuss a plan that best meets your needs.

Conclusion On Adplexity Alternatives

These seven Adplexity alternatives will not only assist you in maintaining a watchful eye on the tactics utilised by your rivals, but several of them also provide the most precise real-time data.

Using these technologies, one is able to begin an advertising campaign without devoting additional time and effort to any one individual.

These are the equipment that makes it possible to launch a marketing campaign with a minimal initial investment in time or resources dedicated to any one individual.

The Anstrex tool is recommended because of its reasonable price and high-quality features. Second, we propose the AdSpy tool because it is the most useful for both drop shippers and marketers.

Both resources are affordably priced and have the potential to deliver superior outcomes. Because every company is different and has particular needs, you should also experiment with various tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AdPlexity Legit?

The sophisticated algorithms it uses to make it one of the most potent forms of advertising intelligence now on the market. You can eavesdrop on online advertisements with AdPlexity. Saving both time and money, the data it displays is accurate and current in real-time.

Is AdPlexity Free?

There is no free trial available for AdPlexity. Nevertheless, if you sign up and then decide you don’t like the services, you have 24 hours to get a refund.

What kinds of ad networks does AdPlexity work with?

Many ad networks, such as Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, MGID, AdNow, etc., are supported by AdPlexity.